The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth Teaser

The makers of "Showdowns" and "Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition" bring us the teaser of a new film in prod...


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File Description

The makers of "Showdowns" and "Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition" bring us the teaser of a new film in production: The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth. Foot-in-Mouth is apparently a young Tusken warrior who's not quite all there, if you take my meaning. This video is a spinoff of Showdowns, so if you were a fan of that video you'll probably enjoy this one. The very serious-sounding music with the visuals of Tusken raiders adds a little bit of humor already to the teaser. Here's hoping the final video will be a success!


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File Name: The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth Teaser

Developer: Nefarious Guy 

Developer's email:

Amorphous Blob Productions Website: 

Installation Instructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. 
Windows Media Player is required.

Running Time: 1 minute and 36 seconds. 

Description: This is the teaser trailer for the film "The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth",
a new film from the creative team behind "Showdowns: Episode I" and 
"Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition".

Story: On a windy night on Tatooine, a tusken elder tells an ancient parable about the 
not-so-bright, young warrior Foot-in-Mouth, who was sent into the desert as part of his 
passage into manhood. 

Notes: All the dialogue in the final film will be in a balladic poetic style. 
"The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth" is also a quasi-prequel to Showdowns and spin-off of the
laughing Tusken who Muriel killed at Mayor Bob's Club. 

Credits: Special thanks to ObiWanKenody, Mace Solo, and Drivel. Foot-in-Mouth and 
Tusken Elder played by ObiWanKenody and Mace Solo. Music from Gladiator, written by
Hans Zimmer. 

COPYRIGHT 2006 Amorphous Blob Productions
This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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