The Phantom Of The Opera

Let me start out by saying that, while this mod is being categorized as a celebrity skin, it does include a smattering of weapon models. Jus...


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Let me start out by saying that, while this mod is being categorized as a celebrity skin, it does include a smattering of weapon models. Just to avoid some confusion.

So I'm going to take a wild guess and assume most of you are not fans of the opera. I personally love opera, but I've not had the pleasure of being able to see Phantom of the Opera, although I'm pretty sure I understand what it's about. All you guys really need to know to appreciate it is that the Phantom of the Opera is a guy with a messed up face who wears a white mask. The original story was set in the 1800's, which hopefully explains his attire.

On to the skin. This particular skin reminds me less of the Phantom of the Opera than it does of Jaden of the Opera. Not necessarily a bad thing, although with the amount of people that dislike Jaden that could be a weak point of the skin. The rest of the texturing, however, is superb. This particular skin uses Jaden's various clothing pieces in a way that I've not seen in the past. Our dear friend the Phantom is all decked out in one of several long coat options, each with matching pants, and several head options. If you hadn't already guessed, this skin is available for customization in the SP/customization menu. The uniqueness of this skin should prove likable to even to those who know nothing about the Phantom of the Opera.

So as I mentioned earlier, there are weapons included. What types, you ask? Some really odd ones. A cello, for instance (or the bow -- cello bow, not bow and arrow, sorry). Also, in a unique twist, an arm cloak. As is warned in the read-me, this cloak is for the left arm only. It will look very silly if you're using it with your right hand, trust me. Also included is a can, a couple rapiers, a chandelier (:lol:), and a violin. Interesting, huh? The rapiers should be enough to interest certain people, however.

Definitely a skin worth looking at, even if you don't have the first clue about anything related the theater, literature, or opera.

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download '' (6.78MB)

TITLE         : The Phantom Of The Opera    (skin & weapons)
AUTHOR    : Tobe

FILESIZE    :   6.77 MB
DATE RELEASED: 3/22/2007

NPC support :  Yes
Bot support :    Yes
Team support : Yes


 *****   Credits  *****

    To,    Marchus Williams (a.k.a RED SITH)    for letting me use his saber menu mod. 
    It makes dual and staff weapons selectable in the start of any new game :);23602


*****   Features  *****

    *  New Player Skins : 4 type of head, torso, and leg skins for Phantom Of The Opera! selectable from player menu.
    *  New Weapons : Many unique weapons! All selectable from saber manu. For details check the "Weapon List".

 *****   To Install  *****

   Unzip and place "BB_Opera.pk3" , "BB_Menu_Opera.pk3" into your Jedi Academy base folder:   
                 StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base

                "BB_Opera.pk3" is the skin and weapon file.
                "BB_Menu_Opera.pk3" is all the menus for the skins and weapons.

   * all weapons should appear on the saber menu with names.
     however, saber scripts are likely to conflict with each other. so if you have any other saber mod with menu script,
     some of the sabers might disappear from the menu, or without names.
  Inside the  "extra choice"  folder :

BB_MENUS_5.pk3 :  is a menu script that binds all the list of weapons & players from this mod and my other mods.
                             The mods included are: "Ifrit (2.0)", "Shiva", "Knight & War Tauntaun (1.5)", and this "BB_Opera"
                             If you have all 4 mods installed, just put this " BB_MENUS_5.pk3 " into your /base folder :)  
                             And remove all the other Menu files like those named "BB_MENUS...", because they will conflict.
       *If you are looking for the other mods:
                         "Ifrit (2.0)"  :;70957             
                         "Shiva"      :;71646
                         "Knight & War Tauntaun (1.5)"  :;74845


 *****   Weapon List  *****

   Entry names and descriptions for the weapons:

   cane               *   fire cane. SP version has fire effect when activated. MP version doesn't.
   cane_mp         *  "cane_mp"  is for MP use 

   chan               *  chandelier! with flash effect. do not turn off it while throwing! it crashes sometimes in my game :/
   chan_mp         *  MP version, no flash effect. all MP version weapons has no blade effects.   

   cloak_b           *  blue cloak. wrist attached type of weapon. and only for left arm.
   cloak_r            *  red cloak. in SP, only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu.
   cloak_bk          *  black cloak.

   rapier               *  rapier
   rapier_s           *  "rapier short", a shorter rapier. only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu.
   rapier_skull      *  the hand guard shaped like a skull.

   violin_R            *  a set of violin, "violin_R" goes to right hand, "violin_L" goes to left.
   violin_L            *  in SP, "violin_L" only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu.

   violin2_R         *a white colored version of violin.

   cello_R          *a set of cello. equip them as the same as the violins.


 *****   NPC List  *****

   To spawn NPCs:
      In a single player game, hit "SHIFT" and "~" key to open up console, 
      type in "helpusobi 1" and hit ENTER to activate cheats.
      Type "npc spawn kyle" and ENTER, that will spawn a Kyle. Change the name for any NPC. 
      Hit "SHIFT" and "~" again to exit console.

   opera1                        *  a black Phantom
   opera2                        *  a red    Phantom
   opera3                        *  a blue   Phantom
   opera4                        *  a white Phantom
   opera5                        *  a Scar Face Phantom


  Again, Player skins will appear on player making menu. And all weapons will appear on saber menus on SP and MP.
  unless if you have other saber menu script, it might conflict with this one.
  all files 100% works with a nice clean base folder :)


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