The Pit - Jedi Academy



game(having not finished JK2 SP,) I thought Tavion was the final boss...and had welder's goggles on, but enough of my misguided views, ONTO MY SLIGHTLY MORE GUIDED ONES.This is essentially a JK3 rebuild of the Pit, which actually looks pretty good, sans the massive JK2 texture missing again. The size is about on par with the original JK2 counterpart, but the lighting is far less oppressive. The music...well, this time around, there IS music, as the Pit had no music. Music's kinda neat, although I don't know if it's thematically appropriate, but whatever, it's the Pit, do what ya want with it >_>....Start putting the JK2 textures in though, seriously. New Textures: AyeNew Music: AyeSecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Aye- Averus Retruthan


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