The {SITH} Matrix: Part 1



This is a very well execute film (if not a tad long with a bit of repetition). It actually made me think of the Matrix several times which is a bonus and of course is essential in a film called the {SITH}Matrix! Most of the fighting is very well executed respecialy things like running up the walls of the stairs with an agent following.

This video is set in the mansion of the Merovingian (that dude with the highly irritating french accent) and it's against 2 of his henchmen to start and then against 2 agents - only the agents actually look like something from the Matrix, the other characters are all re-skinned reborns (I can hear some of you hissing at that already).

The intro is excessively long and to be quite honestly I skipped past most of it...but apart from that this is certainly a good game based film and I look forward to watching future installments!

Great work guys!




File Name: The {SITH} Matrix: Part 1

Developer: {SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL]

Developer's email: [email protected]

Installation Intructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. Windows Media Player is 

Running Time: 6 minutes 12 seconds

General Description: This is Part 1 of The {SITH} Matrix, a Matrix-based series of JKA movies. The {SITH} Matrix  follows {SITH}Neo and other unplugged 
{SITH}s through various fight sequences against agents, SWAT teams, the twins, and various programs. These fight sequences are loosely based on scenes
 from The Matrix Trilogy. Many custom skins are in the making  by {SITH} members for later parts of the series. Unfortunately, the only custom skin 
made by the {SITH} Guild used in this part is the {SITH} skin by {SITH}*SJ* which is used as {SITH}Neo in Part 1. I apologize for the long intro. 
It was necessary considering this is the first part of the series.

Scene Description: Upon entering the chateau of the Merovingian, Neo is confronted by 3 of the Merovingian's men who have been waiting for him. In charge 
of the group is Severus (the red reborn) a very dangerous program from the early matrix. The other two programs are Jack (blue reborn) and Maximus (orange 
reborn). However, the fight turns out to be more than Neo bargained for when he discoveres a secret partnership between Severus and Agent Smith.  

Huge File Size: I would like to apologize for the huge file size. It was necessary to ensure maximum quality. 

Music: The music used in this film was:

"The Plan" by Don Davis

"Navras" by Don Davis and Juno Reactor

Credits: This movie was made possible by FRAPS (www.fraps.com). I would like to thank [SASH]Nathan for making the Matrix Reloaded map, 
Don Davis and Juno Reactor for writing the music for The Matrix Trilogy, and the Wachowski brothers for making The Matrix Trilogy. I would also like to thank 
{SITH}Reptile (assistant director) for his excellent work and advice during the course of the production of this film. Lastly I would like to thank all the actors that
 participated in Part 1 of the series for their patience, obedience, and great acting:

{SITH}Reptile as {SITH}Neo vs the  Merovingian's men

{SITH}Maul as {SITH}Neo vs the agents

{SITH}Mauler as Severus and Agent Smith

{SITH}Dark-Warrior as Agent Smith 

{SITH}Xanatos as Jack

{SITH}DeadlyMexican as Maximus

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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