The {SITH} Matrix: Part 3

Once again I'll note that these Sith Matrix videos are loosely based on the Matrix trilogy. In this third installment, you'll see some bul...


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Once again I'll note that these Sith Matrix videos are loosely based on the Matrix trilogy. In this third installment, you'll see some bullet dodging and even some rocket dodging. Some of the fighting is pretty entertaining, but I didn't like the way it was all filmed. The camera was too unsteady and in many parts it was way too dark to be able to see what was going on. In any case, it's a Matrix-flavored video, so download away. :)


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File Name: The {SITH} Matrix: Part 3

Developer: {SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL]

Developer's email:

Installation Intructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. Windows Media Player is 

Running Time: 5 minutes 46 seconds

General Description: This is Part 3 of The {SITH} Matrix, a Matrix-based series of JKA movies. The {SITH} Matrix  follows {SITH}Neo and other unplugged 
{SITH}s through various fight sequences against agents, SWAT teams, the twins, and various programs. These fight sequences are loosely based on scenes
 from The Matrix Trilogy. Many custom skins are in the making  by {SITH} members for later parts of the series. The custom skins used in Part 3 include
{SITH}Neo by {SITH}*SJ* and {SITH}Zed by {SITH}Reptile. 

Scene Description: After leaving the oracle Neo is encountered by Agent Jackson and Agent Johnson. Agent Johnson has a bug in his code making him not 
function correctly. After being "killed" he takes over the body of a civillian and returns to the fight along with another agent, Agent Thompson. Sensing trouble, 
Morpheus sends one of his crew members, Zed, into the matrix to help Neo.  

Huge File Size: I would like to apologize for the huge file size. It was necessary to ensure maximum quality. 

Music: The music used in this film was:

"The Chateau" by Rob Dougan

"Main Title" by Don Davis

Credits: This movie was made possible by FRAPS ( I would like to thank [SASH]Nathan for making the Matrix Reloaded map, 
Don Davis, Juno Reactor, and Rob Dougan for writing the music for The Matrix Trilogy, and the Wachowski brothers for making The Matrix Trilogy. I would 
also like to thank {SITH}Reptile (assistant director) for his excellent work and advice during the course of the production of this film. Lastly I would like to thank
 all the actors that participated in Part 2 of the series for their patience, obedience, and great acting:

{SITH}Reptile as Neo 
{SITH}Dark$oul as Neo
{SITH}SonicPoison760 as Neo
{SITH}Mauler as Agent Smith
{SITH}Smoke as Agent Johnson
{SITH}Maul as Agent Thompson

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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