The {SITH} Matrix: Part 4

I've seen the other {SITH} Matrix movies and they weren't bad. You just really have to keep in mind that it's based on the Matrix and not...


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I've seen the other {SITH} Matrix movies and they weren't bad. You just really have to keep in mind that it's based on the Matrix and not supposed to be exactly like the Matrix. The fourth installment was a bit better than the others I've seen. I liked the intro and at the very beginning of the fight, I was intrigued. I did like the skins used for this little video and the music was appropriate. However, the fight scene was boring and redundant. I mean how interesting can it be to watch a guy spam katas in slow motion? Then again, maybe that's just your cup of tea. So download it and decide for yourself - if you have the patience to download this massive file, that is. ;)


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File Name: The {SITH} Matrix: Part 4

Developer: {SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL]

Developer's email: [email protected]

Installation Intructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. Windows Media Player is 

Running Time: 4 minutes 57 seconds

General Description: This is Part 4 of The {SITH} Matrix, a Matrix-based series of JKA movies. The {SITH} Matrix  follows {SITH}Neo and other unplugged 
{SITH}s through various fight sequences against agents, SWAT teams, the twins, and various programs. These fight sequences are loosely based on scenes
 from The Matrix Trilogy. Many custom skins are in the making  by {SITH} members for later parts of the series. The custom skins used in Part 4 include
the new {SITH}Neo by {SITH}Reptile and the Ghost Program skin by {SITH}Reptile. I made the introduction map.

Scene Description: After destroying a few sentinels Neo ends up at Mobil Ave and waits for the train. He is confronted by Death Programs,the 
predecessors of Agents and the original guardians of The Matrix. Threatened with deletion due to the creation of the more efficient Agents, the Death
Programs went into hiding under the protection of the Merovingian. Sworn to the Merovingian's service,
the Death Programs named Fate and Vengeance led by Nemesis act upon the Merovingian's orders to kill Neo.
However, the battle is much more personal as Nemesis, Fate, and Vengeance strive to prove their worth
to The Matrix and destroy one of the factors which led to their demise.

NOTE: I wrote the story of the Death Programs and it is in no way accepted by the Wachoski brothers.  

Huge File Size: I would like to apologize for the huge file size. It was necessary to ensure maximum quality. 

Music: The music used in this film was:

"Matrix Reloaded Title" by Don Davis

"Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Remix)" by Rob Dougan

Credits: This movie was made possible by FRAPS ( I would like to thank Merovingian for making the Mobil Ave map, 
Don Davis, Juno Reactor, and Rob Dougan for writing the music for The Matrix Trilogy, and the Wachowski brothers for making The Matrix Trilogy. I would 
also like to thank {SITH}Reptile (assistant director) for his excellent work and advice during the course of the production of this film. Lastly I would like to thank
 all the actors that participated in Part 4 of the series for their patience, obedience, and great acting:

{SITH}Reptile as Neo

{SITH}Mauler as Nemesis

{SITH}Slinky as Fate

{SITH}Dark-Warrior as Vengeance

This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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