The Star Destroyer

Now that I'm used to reviewing duel maps, getting a decent-sized FFA map came as something of a shock. It's bigger! Who knew? Anyway, the ma...


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Now that I'm used to reviewing duel maps, getting a decent-sized FFA map came as something of a shock. It's bigger! Who knew? Anyway, the map itself looks very nice. It's plenty big, trust me. Just the hangar would be large enough for a good free for all, but there's also a second area, which looks something like a 'command deck', with some power ups and such.

There were a couple of things I didn't like about this map, so let me hit those first. First of all, there was a missing texture. From the error message, I'm guessing it's a shader boo-boo. I also found the lifts to be incredibly slow. Maybe I'm just impatient, but they took an awful long time to get up to the top. One of the lifts even crushed me when I got on. Seems like it went up a wee bit too far.

Now for the music. It's the Imperial March, but for those of you hard-core Star Wars gamers, you'll recognize it as the Imperial March from Force Commander. Now honestly I don't think it fits the map very well, but it's not the worst choice of music either. After a while you kind of just forget about it being there. I should also warn you, along with the lift thing, not to try and walk on the hangar entrance. It's not like in other maps where it's a solid force field. You will fall straight through. However that's handy, because when you spawn the TIEs you can go out and get shot by the Star Destroyer's guns ;)

Overall I liked this map. It has its bugs, but it looks like it'd be fun to play around in, either inside the ship or outside in a little furball. Maybe we could get some bot support next time, though.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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This is my Stardestroyer I made for a mapping contest. 
Installation: extract Stardestroyer.pk3 to gamefolder/base

If it doesn't work you made something wrong :P
Hmhm... a Stardestroyer is not needed to discribe... I think everyone knows what this is ^^

For bugreports and reviews send me an e-mail:

Thx for downloading ^^

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