The Takeda Dojo

I know a lot of people here are fans of dojos, and all things oriental (read: all things kick-in-the-face-y), so this map should please a go...


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I know a lot of people here are fans of dojos, and all things oriental (read: all things kick-in-the-face-y), so this map should please a good portion of our visitors. It is a dojo map, as I'm sure you can tell by the name. As far as I know, in all my lack of dojo experience, this looks like your typical dojo. The walls are decorated with some very impressive weaponry, all done through brushwork (which is the impressive part), along with some sparse artwork, and the very typical architecture. The outside of the dojo is visible through the open door, although you can not actually reach it. It's a nice bit of scenery, though, which keeps the map from feeling too enclosed.

The lighting is pretty good, although especially in the corners I find myself wondering where it's coming from, as the pillars don't seem to have a glow. Otherwise I would have assumed they were light sources. In any case, though, the map is well lit, and is not lacking in detail. It also includes bot support, in case you happen to need it. So now I guess we know what's in that back room at the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV, huh?

Bot Support[b]: Yes [b]New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes


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"The Takeda Dojo"
by Nalukai
Visit my site at

This is my Third Map I have had the joy (and headache) of making and is designed for the Bladeworks Network.....Sign up for Duel League at!!! Hope ya enjoy!

Title: The Takeda Dojo for BWN V 1.1
Filenames: Dojo_Takeda.pk3  ;  Dojo_Takeda.txt
File size: 1.92  megs (WITH MUSIC)
Author: Nalukai

Sadazumi, Sixth Son of the Emperor Shinwa, founded the Minamoto dynasty. Minamoto No Yeshimitsu, brother of the famous warrior Minamoto No Yoshimitsu, codified a martial art called Aiki No Jutsu. He taught it to his son Yoshikiyo who gave it the name Takeda, in honor of the city where he lived with his family. Prince Yamato Takeru No Mikoto, whose sword is on display at the National Museum of Kmamakura, established an education and military system within the Takeda clan.. Generation after generation, the Takeda Bujutsu System was taught in secret to members of the Takeda clan only.

The Samurai Warriors and Bushi of the Takeda clan used the Takeda Ryu techniques on the battlefield and improved through the centuries; especially during the Meiji period.. But, according to specialists, these techniques will disappear (even in Japan) if we do not teach them and respect the traditions upon which they are based. The proliferation of modern martial arts increasingly involves the adoption of simpler techniques which have become similar to a fighting sport

The Aiki Jutsu is, by tradition, a military art that has proven itself during the Japanese Warrior era. It combines accuracy, power and speed in the application of the techniques with amazing results. It is used today as a form of self-defense. Takeda Ryu uses self-control while facing a physical danger to ensure the practioner's safety. It is not intended to be used aggressively but to fend off an aggressor; very forcefully if necessary. Compared to modern Aikido, which concentrates on form rather than effect , Aiki Jutsu concentrates on carefully applied technical details to achieve amazing results. It is a science, an art and a philosophy

Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way and beta tested the Dojo.


added note... All weapons in this map are created by me out of brushes and custom textures... the only 2 models in this map are the 2 trees outside.

Additional Credits:

I dedicate this map to The Shadow of the South-- my good friend Sebastian AKA Enki. Good luck with whatever you do my little burrito and i hope you come back to see what i did for you... 

Thanks to: George Lucas for his Greatness: Raven Software for giving me the ability to add on 
to their game:  Mah boys over at KoP and Takeda for giving me the inspiration to make maps and continue playing this great game: Anyone else  that tries to take this game to its next level of play: and BWN for bringing great players together and giving them something to strive for while having fun.

Special Thanks Goes out to Lord Talamar, Blindy, Kebeker,Sublime, DK, and the Takeda Family
Map Instructions:

Unzip and place Dojo_Takeda.pk3 into your Gamedata/Base directory.
Launch game.


****Test Machine: 1.8 gig Celeron with 512 DDR ram and G-Force4 MX 4000 PCI
****Compiler: 1.8 gig Celeron with 512 DDR ram and G_Force4 MX 4000 PCI
In game Support - YES
BOT support - YES
New Textures - YES  20 ( 14 custom done by yours truely)
Supported Game Types: Dual, Powerdual
Items/Weapons - none this map is meant for league duels- i stayed away from the extra stuff on this one.

Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: GtKRadiant 1.4
Known Bugs: none known about
Entity Count: 16

any other bug reports should be sent to me at

Copyright and Permissions:

You can use anything that you find of redeeming value that you want, just and long as you 
give me the credit for what ever you use it for. That's all I ask!


(c) Copyright 2005 Michael Williams

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