The 'Ultimate' Duel Music Pack

*Rubs hands* M...FF7 music....lots of FF7 music.... ;) And some Star Wars music too! This pack includes plenty of music I've reviewed b...


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*Rubs hands* M...FF7 music....lots of FF7 music.... ;) And some Star Wars music too! This pack includes plenty of music I've reviewed before, so I'll just copy in my review of those before moving onto the other songs in this pack ;) The author should just be glad there isn't an 'originality' rating - I've seen so many music packs recently lol!

Okay, I officially love FFAC music - you know why? Simply because it just owns everything else. Including you That also means sending in an FFAC music pack will probably get you a very biased review, if i get to review it anyway.

Okay, so in this pack there are four songs, one of which I've heard before, wheras the other three are new to me. Okay, the first song (The one I've met before) was definitely my least favourite of the three, and here's the review of the duel music pack with the same song in:

Anyone here seen FFVII:Advent Children yet? Anyone? Well.. if you have you can either read japanese or know someone who can. Music-wise, I've been looking forward to what it is going to offer, as for me, and no, I'm not ashamed to say this - The FFVII soundtrack and OC Remixes' are the best in the world. Period. Soo what do I think of this as a piece of duel music? Well, being called 'Battle in the Forgotten City' I'd assumed it would be similar to the ancient city music from FF7... boy was I wrong.

For dueling its really down to personal taste whether you like this or not - for me I was quite disappointed, but its very techno/heavy style has grown on me... a bit. Still, if this gets your funk going in a duel, so be it. Oh, and sorry to the author, FileOps won't accept your name as it's too long, so I had to shorten it a little.

The other three are in my opinion, far far better - probably because unlike the first, they're all essentially remixes of FF7 tracks, one is 'Still more Fighting,' the other is 'J.E.N.O.V.A,' and the other is 'One Winged Angel.' If you've ever heard the Black Mages remixes they're quite similar to those, except better One Winged Angel is simply briliant. I admit, before I never actually liked it, but this version really does blow you away after the first 20seconds The still more Fighting song is good, but a little heavy for the most part. Jenova is another good song, keeping very faithful to the original melody. You know what's even better? That they all work as duel music! Yes I know the effort to make one of these isn't the biggest thing in existance, but I'm still glad it has been done.

Well, in this pack there are all the afformentioned songs.... plus a few others, such as Duel of the Fates, a remix of the standard FF7 battle theme, and what sounds like a remix of the Shinra building background music ;) I have to say, I love all of them, except for the Blitzball duel....that's the one single piece of Final Fantasy music I can't stand! What's really good about this pack though, is that ALL the songs work as duel themes. The author already knows he'll have got a good score for including FF music, so I'll just finish the review here and let you all listen to the songs for yourselfs...provided you have enough bandwidth to download it that is ;)

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (101.18MB)

The 'Ultimate' Duel Music Pack

At least one of these songs will make you want to duel with them. Guaranteed.

Installation: Extract only ONE of the files into C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base
It will not work if you put more than one duel music in at a time.

Put together by: mYst

Music By: John Williams, The Black Mages, Uematsu Nobuo and Kawamori Jeiji.

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