Tie Hunter

There's been alot of Tie models. I've seen another Tie Hunter by hatrus, and although it's pretty I like this one by mini...


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There's been alot of Tie [INSERT NAME HERE] models. I've seen another Tie Hunter by hatrus, and although it's pretty I like this one by minilogoguy better.

First of all, it looks very pretty, the blue and black looks great and it shiney and detail is awesome. It is able to spin using the strafe keys, thats awesome too, it flys nicely and generally a great piece of modeling and skinning work.

Great job, download Tie Fans!.

New EFX: Yes New Sounds: No Shaders?: Yes


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Download 'tie_hunter.zip' (1.02MB)

Tie Hunter

Version 1.0
Author: minilogoguy18@aol.com
Discription: A prototype tie fighter that was to best the x-wing

Many probably wont recognize this thing but it was from the game Star Wars Rogue Squadron III:Rebel Strike
It looks kinda like a tie interceptor but with all the fixins of an x-wing(minus the droid) It has two
laser cannons, sheilds, missils, s-foils and a hyperdrive. For this i made the imp_laser thinner to look more like
they do in the movies. As well as it has no exhaust cause in the movies the engines just kinda glowed red
so thats what i did for that. And for those who feel all ships should do this, it can roll.

Model: me
Anims and riggin: me
Skins: Raven
Shaders and efx files: me
Text files: me
Beta testing: Angelis


Just throw the tie_hunter.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that!

Take the tie_hunter.pk3 out of the base folder

Spawn code

/npc spawn vehicle tie_hunter

The two cannons on the struts were ion cannons in RS3, until i figure out how to code it to where i can 
toggle between them like the atst, they wont do anything. I also tried to make the lasers fire linked like
the movies but you can just hit Use Held Item to link em.


This file and all of its contents CANNOT be modified, changed, or used in any
map, mod, or project at all unless i approve. If your seeking permission you can contact me at minilogoguy

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© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
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