TIE V-38 Assault Fighter

Now, this is a model which takes me back to the days of Rebel Assault... ah, good times. ;) For the majority of you who don't know wh...


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Now, this is a model which takes me back to the days of Rebel Assault... ah, good times. ;) For the majority of you who don't know what the V-38 is, it's quite probably the coolest fighter ever conceived, aside from the Tie-Defender, of course. In Rebel Assault 2, it was quite weak, but had a cloaking device which made it incredibly hard to destroy. Unfortunately, if you want to see the cloaking device in action with this model, you'll also need to install the 'Open Jedi Project' mod, which can also be found on this site. It does work though, but to be honest I'd rather not have to download a whole other mod just so I can get a cloaking device on this model to work. :(

The vehicle itself is a little different from what I'd have liked. That's not to say its worse but it is definitely different. The one I loved from RAII had a spherical cockpit, and was a blueier colour around the wing edges. If there's one main criticism I have about this model though, it’s the rear view of it. It never looked that chunky from behind in the original movies of it, and it looks rather bloated when you're steering it. :( I also think the cockpit glass looks a little flat, but short of designing the whole interior of the cockpit, I'm not sure what could be done about that.

From all other views though, this model looks awesome. The three wing setup and triple engines work very well, and save the new shape of the cockpit, it’s essentially the same vehicle from the original game. I did see tie-fighter wings coming out of it when it blew up though, which was somewhat disconcerting ;) If I was a better pilot, I'd definitely keep this to go out and kill some rebel scum, although I think from a fairness point of view, the cloaking device on this model gives the user a somewhat unfair advantage. Still, it's great fun! :D

~Szico VII~

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Download 'tiev38_if.zip' (2.08MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: TIE V-38 Assault Fighter
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: tie_v38.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 20 December 2005

Polycount: 1759
Triangles: 1847
LOD Support: No

Credit to Raven, for more reasons than one. Specifically, though, I borrowed a couple of textures, most notably the base wing texture. I felt no need to reproduce it by hand when it was given to me.

Thanks to minilogoguy18 for helping every five minutes in the completion of this, my first vehicle model. Without him I would've given up days ago. Thanks for putting up with my fits, and thanks for helping me get everything running smoothly!

Thanks to my beta testers. minilogoguy18, Trauma Sensei.

Of course shoutouts go to my forumers, for support as usual, and a big thumbsdown to all the flamers out there. Go away. We don't like you.

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

A lot of you, as I know, don't have a clue what this fighter is or where it came from. It was originally from an early Star Wars game, Rebel Assault II, made in 1995. It's actually a pretty good game, but the fighter always made me drool and I've been semi-obsessed with it ever since. Several good models have been made for X-wing Alliance, but I decided Jedi Academy needed one too, and the current model of it is just so insufferably inaccurate that it made want to pull all of my hair out and donate it to the bald.

V-38 and Phantom variations are included (see comments section for more information on the special features of the Phantom variation).

This TIE, classified as an assault fighter due to its heavy weaponry, shields, and hyperdrive, has a three-pronged wing arrangment. It sports three wing-tip laser cannons and two chin-mounted cannons, generally used as ion cannons. Its hyperdrive is outfitted such that it can make only a few short jumps if need be. During one of Lord Vader's failed campaigns, a modified version of this fighter, called the TIE Phantom, was put into mass production. This fighter, while less powerful in armory, had the added bonus of a fully functional cloaking system which rendered it next to invisible to most scanners. Before the TIEs could reach their full potential, however, two Rebel agents destroyed the production facility the TIEs were being produced at. All of these Phantom TIEs were believed to be destroyed.


The command to spawn the TIE V-38 is as follows:

npc spawn vehicle tie_v38


npc spawn vehicle tie-v38

The command to spawn the TIE PHANTOM mode is as follows:

npc spawn vehicle tie_phantom


npc spawn vehicle tie-phantom

No bugs that I've found so far.

I did include both V-38 and Phantom variations. The models are the same, but the Phantom has a FULLY FUNCTION CLOAK**, and only uses the two chin cannons as laser cannons. It also has more powerful shields, and is slightly slower than the V-38 (likely due to the cloaking device adding mass, etc etc). This slowness is negligible, however, as you'll still be way faster than most other fighters.

Now read this part carefully. If you come to me complaining the cloaking device doesn't work I'm going to shake my head at you for not reading down this far. Tsk tsk. The cloak will not work in BaseJA. You *must* have, and be using, Open Jedi Project. Just the basic release seems to work fine. The most recent version (as of this read-me) can be found here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Open_Jedi_Project_Basic;52934

Once you  have the OJP assets in your base, simply use your USE FORCE key to activate the cloak. Be warned, though, that you can not fire while cloaked. As soon as you fire a weapon you will become visible again.

**When I say "fully functional", I mean that it cloaks you. It does not, however, turn notarget on or anything like that, so it will only really be affective in player vs. player combat. In levels like Deathstar Trench or Siege Destroyer, the turbolasers will still be able to target you.

You may not redistribute this file or any material contained within it any form without my express permission. If permission is given, this read-me must be included. It's not like I bite, so don't be afraid to ask. I'm not going to say 'no' unless your mod is a complete disgrace to the world, and there aren't many of those out there ;)


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