Tighty-Whitey Rodian

NOTE: This file was originally intended as a JK2 file. While it will work in JKA, there may be several issues. Please take this on board...


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NOTE: This file was originally intended as a JK2 file. While it will work in JKA, there may be several issues. Please take this on board if you intend to use it in JKA.

Sometimes I wish there was a "WTF?" category under Skins. Because this, like a few other files, is something I find hard to classify as anything else. The idea is crazy beyond craziness, and frankly is a little disturbing. O_O

So, it's a Rodian. In his underwear and scarf. Not exactly the most appetising thing to think about, is it?

I'm just going to get on with it because the temptation to make a childish remark is being pushed into my head by my inner child, and it's awfully powerful temptation.

The skin is well-made all over (...), although certain parts of it don't look quite right. The way the texture overlays the legs makes it look somewhat odd, and especially over the arms, which are usually clothed, the texture looks out of place. The full detail of the body has been skinned on to good effect, although out little friend is a bit over-buffed. And... he must be awfully cold...

Suggestions for the author? The only thing I can think of to tell BigPapaJ is to work on the texturing, but considering the limited source material, I'd say it's done very well.

This is meant as something of a joke skin. It's ironic that one of the more well-made files we've had in a while is actually meant as a joke, but life is irony. What's more ironic is that I can now truthfully say that I've inspected a near-naked Rodian...

Just another unorthodox day at the office.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No Custom Sounds: No Team Colors: Believe it or not, yes.... NPC Support: No

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Download 'tighty_whitey_rodian.zip' (2.09MB)

October 10, 2006
  Skin's Name             : Tighty-Whitey Rodian
  Author                  : BigPapaJ
  Email Address           : jessmajor123@hotmail.com
  Website		  : www.bigpapaj.com

  File name:		  : twrodian.pk3
  Filesize:		  : 2.08 MB
  Skin's description      : A customized version of a standard Rodian.  The only difference is that rodian is wearing nothing but his boots, his collar and (you guessed it) his "tighty-whiteys".  The skin on the body that you wouldn't normally see on the rodian is made up of a collage of layers taken from the rodian head (resized and rearranged of course).  The detail is not much to talk about, but this skin was made more as a joke and not to be viewed as a work of art.  Enjoy!
  Other info              : This skin does not have any custom sounds (Uses Rodian Sounds), or bot support, but it does include red and blue versions for team support game-types.

  Additional Credits to   : Ravage:  The torso's muscles were used as general guidelines for this skin.
  Thanks to               : jp-30, for creating an easy to understand tutorial on jk2 skinning.  I learned everything I know about skinning from that tutorial.  Defiantely check it out.
  * Construction *
  Base                    : Modified version of the standard Rodian skin.
  Programs used           : Adobe PhotoShop, Modview, Pakscape, Notepad
  Known Bugs              : None
  Just place the .pk3 file in your base folder and it will be accessible through your game.  If the skin does not appear in your list, the skin can also be aquired by typing /model twrodian in your console.
  * Copyright / Permissions *
  I don't care if you use this skin for your own personal use, provided that you give me credit for the work I did.

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