Timeshift... *drools*

I've never actually got around to buying the game myself, but I have always thought the Timeshift suit looked extre...


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Timeshift... *drools*

I've never actually got around to buying the game myself, but I have always thought the Timeshift suit looked extremely awesome. This re-skin definately does the character justice. It features very good textures, nice shaders and a few different variants of the suit, including one helmet with the visor removed, revealing the face.

At first glance at this skin, I can see nothing that I dislike, the shaders look great, and definately suit the metallic armour which covers the entire body. The colour variations are done in a minor, but definately noticeable way, especially from the front, the colours weren't just slapped on in any place like so many skins these days, making the skin look very realistic, and very good. The obvious inclusion of team skins is great to see, and of course as I have mentioned already, it also included a bunch of different variants of the head, torso and legs. The skin is also SP compatible.

Moving onto another thing I really enjoyed with this skin... the sounds. He has used a new set which DEFINATELY fit the skin. When I first heard them, the first thing which came to my mind was Robo Cop.. don't ask me why because I don't know. Either way, they sound great, and suit the skin perfectly.

The only thing I was a bit unsure about, was a few of the helmets appeared to be really dark on the back of the head, i'm unsure if this was intentional or not, but personally I didn't like them. Other than that, this is a skin well worth downloading, great work.


- AmonRa

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Download 'timeshift_beta_suit.zip' (5.73MB)


Title			: Timeshift Beta Suit
Author			: Dark_Diablos
E-Mail			: [email protected]
XFire			: Whenlightfades
Website			: http://z4.invisionfree.com/BODRolePlay - Account name Tyrael

File Names		: Timeshift_Beta_Suit.pk3

File Size		: 5.73MB
Date Released		: 30-01-09

This is a rework of my previous reskin and change of shaders. I added a new glowy part (joy) and I have managed to get the visor to be different and I have touched up other areas of the skin which I had always felt since I released this, needed fixing.
It contains SP customization (hopefully with Hoth compatibility), from the new visors to the old Darklier theme with old visor texture and the new visor shaderand shaders. 
Comes with new sounds, bot support and whatnot. 

Contains a -secret- model code! Find it! There are four clues (make that five now as I added another), including this one and the one in the comments below. I know you cheeky dudes who use .zip and .rar will find it easily.

/model TimeshiftBeta/default
/model TimeshiftBeta/red
/model TimeshiftBeta/blue
/model TimeshiftBeta/      - Find what is missing! (So childish Lol)

Simply extract the pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.

Place the file as follows C:/Program Files/(Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/Base

Contact me if you have any issues, as I have been contacted before in the past with people not knowing how to do this.

Comments - Big and capital clue below!
Well ever Since I first released this skin, as usual I saw Tons of bugs which I wanted to improve on. I Eventually found myself going back And checking over the files and removing stupid mistakes. I'm sure most skinners have gone through this and in some cases it is a Laugh to see what mistakes you made. One key mistake, not exactly a mistake but anyways, I really wanted to fix was The visor, and Averus' comment on the review of this version of file boosted my effort.
I Have been changing and testing out different versions of this since the first release, only recently did I decide I should properly do something. I was close to giving up when I found out the faceplate was a different part of the model. What luck! This enabled me to change the visor, make it dominant and have a separate shader over it to make it stand out from the metal effect used on the armour.

I decided to change the visor texture so I made and reworked another which was a long process. It's not the best in the pictures (ModView) but in-game it's fine, especially with a shader on it. To an extent its poor however you'd laugh at what I had before. Today when I was going to finish everything up I found out I had missed a key detail - I should have put the glow shader under the environment shader! Beforehand the glow shader was dominant (blast them) but once under the environment shader
it became exceptionally different. It created that black and weird effect, close, not exactly like Timeshifts but better than before, on the visor. Once this was done I knew it was time to finish up.

People wanted Bot support, SP support and team colours so I gave you all three. I hope you encounter no errors. Watch for what the bot says if you still haven't found out the code. Sorry if I keep going on about it, I seriously hope you are not really disappointed LoL.

As for the hidden model/skin code, when you guys see it you might think it may not work well for what it is supposed to do. Even I think the same to a certain extent but I think it is a nice bit of eye candy and it appealed to me. 
Phonock's shader was brilliant for the job. Credits to him. 

Yes I know I need to improve my Photoshop text skills.

When you teleport or use speed you'll probably see a trail of shaders following you, ah well. Additionally there are some weapon bugs, far as I can remember using dual weapons causes one to be on the ground or something when ignited. 
Also some JK2 skeleton issues I believe. 

If you are going to use this skin in a mod etc... PM me before use, and place this readme in the Zip/pk3. Additionally add credits where due. If you are unable to contact me, ensure you do the above. However you -must- attempt to contact me, properly.

ksk_h20 for his/her Gray Fox JK2 Outcast model/skin.
Spanki for the eyes of the maskless version, which I recoloured
Vivendi Games for the concept of the TimeShift armour and for the pictures. Mainly the torso plates on his front chest, the visor (old), the top half of the chest and some blue ‘glowy’ parts.
Phonock for his slimewhite texture and the shader format it used
Planetrenders.net for providing decent TimeShift renders (one used in my first picture).
Blizzard & StarCraft for their sounds

Modification Requirements
Jedi Knight Academy! I did have one person come to me asking where to install a file, turned out he didn't have JKA installed, or even have it.  
I personally say to get the best view of this reskin, you need to enable Dynamic Glow and Detailed Shaders. I demand you do this.
However as you can see in the last few pictures (the ones with good AA ¬_¬) you don't need glow on, as you still get a decent level of quality without it.


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