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=_= Some of you may have played Timeshift, the game based off true events involving my good doctor friend. Well, suffice to say, it wasn't...


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=_= Some of you may have played Timeshift, the game based off true events involving my good doctor friend. Well, suffice to say, it wasn't focused on him. It was focused on this metal-suited retard who thought he could manipulate time. Truth is, he couldn't, but the game was still entertaining =_=.

That longwinded introduction brings forth a replicated skin of the Beta Suit from Timeshift. Accuracy and quality is at a respectable quality, as the grayfox model was quite effective in providing the majority of the suit's physical design. In all fairness, this skin rules hard =_= even a non-TS player can appreciate the suit's awesome design.

Quirks? Yes, unfortunately, said the Necromancer. Biggest problem with the skin itself is mainly in the visor department. Doesn't feel like glass at the moment. Given the constrictions of the model though, it's still a malevolent job. The only other issue I would point out is the rather odd choice of soundset. Suffice to say, few people sound like a demon =_> even in a suit.

Other than that, bandwidth is highly demanded. The skin annihilates many planets, and yours could be next =_=.

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- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'tsdarklier.zip' (1.99MB)


Title			: TimeShift Darklier
Author			: Foxhound; A name of many which include Stryker, Stryker.01.
E-Mail			: [email protected]
XFire			: Whenlightfades
Website			: Www.rpguni.com/forum - My account name on that is 'Tyrael', not the famous skinner mind you.

File Names		: TSDarklier.pk3

File Size		: 1.99MB
Date Released		: 10-02-08

ksk_h20 for his/her Gray Fox JK2 Outcast model/skin.
Vivendi Games for the concept of the TimeShift armour and for the pictures. Mainly the torso plates on his front chest, the visor, the top half of the chest and some blue ‘glowy’ parts.
Vivendi Games again for being a massive inspiration.
Planetrenders.net for providing decent TimeShift renders.
ScorpDeathKnight for the sounds from one of his SDK Versions.

This is a reskin, and change of shaders, to the Gray Fox model to make it look close to the armour in TimeShift, but not exactly to detail.

Simply extract the pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.

Might be some 'Newbie' problems, like on the mask the longer chin part is a bit odd, and the shoulder pads might have an odd line. But people can barely see them unless they look hard to please themselves.

On Tuesday I decided to dedicate Friday night to learn how to skin, funny how it turned out really. I originally started this just to try skinning and get some practice, so I didn't intend for it to get this serious. It never became a chore, which I was surprised about and I still persisted when I encountered some problems.
These problems included getting the skin to look right, to 'feel' right and getting textures correct. I soon gave up on trying to copy the TimeShift character completely and just decided to use it as reference.
Problem with this model was that the textures or whatever they are called, in the JPG's are slightly confusing as they are so tiny, and you can't exactly find out where they go on the model unless you use ModView.
Basically this is for RP, woo, on a RPG Server I play on (www.rpguni.com/forum) hence the name Darklier as that is his surname. The TS is just for TimeShift, very original huh?
This is literally my first real reskin and shader edit. I spent all day doing it and due to me being stubborn, I got this ending result. 

Anyways, I'm probably repeating what I've said in the credits but who cares, like many people read this xP. With great thanks to those I mention after this let us begin, first and certainly not last, Lucas from Rpguni, yet again. This guy taught me how to skin without even being there. 
Being on Xfire all the time really helped me a lot as I always had questions to ask. I probably nagged him but ah well, it's the only way you get answered. He also taught me how to make shaders, well at least get them to work.
Once I sent him the reskinned model, which I spent ages on, he liked it but we both wanted the 'glow' shaders to work so he took it off me and touched it up, adding some TimeShift armour details and managed to get the glow shaders to work, thus improving the skin on the model immensely. 
So again half of my thanks is to him, he doesn't know how much he helped me. Thanks to ksk_h20 for providing such a decent model even though I've never spoken to this person. Thanks to Vivendi Games again for the pictures and concept

Thanks to Balian and Lucas, from RPGUni again, for being the two doubles for one of the screenshots.

Thanks to Seal, David Gray, Foo Fighters among other music artists for giving me some background tunes. Pure tuneage.

If you're gonna reskin the files or edit them, I would be most pleased, basically do it, if I received a PM or something, be it Xfire or whatever, asking for permission even though I don't really own them. Thought I might as well add this to see if I can. 

Oh, and if you're wondering or think RPGUni sucks for Rp and is for 'noobs', well you are absolutely wrong. Check us out.

Wow look at me go on, enough now, sorry for wasting your time.

Modification Requirements
Jedi Knight Academy, of course. 
I personally say to get the best view of this reskin, you need to enable Dynamic Glow and Detailed Shaders. I demand you do this.


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