Tippmann A-5 Paintball mod

Most people know I am not a fan of guns in JKA. That being said, I really liked this. The paint gun replaces the E-11 rifle in game


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Most people know I am not a fan of guns in JKA. That being said, I really liked this. The paint gun replaces the E-11 rifle in game... and its cool. The actual paint balls act as normal weapons fire, but leave a pretty splat of paint on whoever, or whatever it hits. The console graphics have been changed, along with the pointer and the opening screenshot. I didnt play with this very long, since its hard to have much fun when your testing somthing by yourself, but I think I'll be talking some of my friends to getting this.

This was a pretty good idea Innocent Hawk and the rest of the team, nice job!

-There are seperate pk3 files which makes it easy to use what you wish.


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Download 'tippmann_a5.zip' (1.99MB)

Tippmann A-5 and other paintball related modifications
Developed for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Developed by "The Paint Team"
"The Paint Team" devolpers:
	- Innocent Hawk ~ made some effects; made the HUD, Cursor, Console, finishing touches on the Splash; assistant supervisor to the mod's develpment
	- Sparrow (formerly Gollum_1) ~ head supervisor to the mod's development; designed the Splash
	- Shady-D ~ player modeler; beta tester
	- St. Otto ~ gun modeler; modeled the gun in this pack
	- Thalion (formerly The_Geek)
	- And others (can't recall because it's been so long since we disbanded) ~ various things
	- Simply extract the desired .pk3s into your "Base" folder.
	- For the choice of paint splatter color, extract ONLY the desired color. DO NOT EXTRACT THEM ALL!!!
	- Delete the no-longer-desired .pk3s from your Base folder.
Files included:
	- Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun (replaces the E-11 Blaster Rifle)
	- A Paintball-style HUD (Heads Up Display) ~ This was meant to be a temporary HUD, but it works great for this release.
	- A Paintball-style Console
	- A Tippmann A-5 as a cursor
	- A new Splash (the game's first loading screen)
	- 6 colors of paint splatter:
		~ Blue
		~ Green
		~ Orange
		~ Purple
		~ Red
		~ Yellow
Known bugs:
	- Paint splatter effects all guns, rather than just the Tippmann's.
The below story about the team and the mod is written as accurately as possible by me. If any of my fellow team members are
reading this - this story is in no way meant to offend anyone. If you do find something offensive I am sorry. I am just trying to let
the public know the story behind the mod, the team, and the reasons why the mod died.

Story of "The Paint Team":
	Approximately 1 year ago, I (Innocent Hawk) came up with the idea for a Paintball Mod. Enthusiastically I began
	ripping open Jedi Academy and altering things, but at that time I had a small amount of knowledge of how altering
	effects worked... so I had to throw out my changes. At the beginning of summer though, my luck changed. I saw in
	the news section of www.jk3files.com that Gollum_1 was starting a mod for Jedi Academy called "Paintball Wars".
	The second I saw it I emailed Gollum_1 (now currently Sparrow) and asked to join. I was accepted, and with the
	help of the team I began to learn how to make my changed effects work. Soon we were all a close knit group of
	friends, and it seems that we were well on our way to making an incredible mod. Within the first month, many things
	were made (mostly by me because models and maps take along time), but within that month were foreshadows to
	what was about to come. St. Otto, our gun modeler, was doing a good job, but had only 1 gun made. He had
	some others in development, but it was running at a slow pace. To keep up with the slow pace, some other
	members began to model guns as well, so it still seemed like things were going along nicely. Then, suddenly, in July
	our team leader, Gollum_1, seemed to vanish without a trace. For nearly the entire month no one knew where he
	had gone. Some developers even thought that the mod had died. At the end of July though, he came back. He told
	us that he had gone on vacation. Because he was gone, almost no work was done on the mod. We pulled together
	again though, and continued working. Then in August a friend of mine, Thalion (formerly The_Geek), joined the
	mod team. Thalion was (and still is) a real paintball player, and we all knew that this would help our mod greatly.
	However, we were behind. Shady-D, who came in about 1 to 2 weeks before July, did have something of
	great value to the team by that time though - a Paintball Player Model. He sent the model to me for some
	re-skinning. I made a bunch of skins off of it - Camouflaged in default, red, and blue... Speedball in default, red, and
	blue... and by request of Thalion, "Team Underdog" because that was his team's name (I don't know if that team
	still exists). There were some errors with the model, but Shady-D was working on fixing it, and I was constantly
	revising my skins to make it better and better. By the end of August though, the team's pace was declining rapidly.
	St. Otto was dragging the modeling work, and little more had been accomplished elsewhere. By the start of
	September the team started to break off, and the mod was dead. Some of us are still very good friends, but others
	have never been heard from since (at least not by me anyway).
The Paintball Player Model is available for download, however it has some modeling bugs, and my skin job wasn't finished.
If you want it though, go to http://www.pcgamemods.com/10638/
If you would like to contact me, you can email me at [email protected]
Please enjoy what does remain of the mod, and if you actually read my entire story of the mod I thank you for your time.

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