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Now then, presented upon the altar is a rather chunky effects mod filled with many many interesting effects and tweaks inten...


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Now then, presented upon the altar is a rather chunky effects mod filled with many many interesting effects and tweaks intended for moviebattles in the future, but the rest of us get it first!

I will say, first of all, that this mod comes highly recommended by Averus. It changes quite a bit, and just to irritate you even more, I will say this much: READ THE README FOR THE LIST OF CHANGES. Suffice to say, there are some that apparently he didn't mention. At least one Gran sound came from Dark Forces O_o which is ironic, because I've been playing that.

Anyway, I will mention one bug that I caught unwittingly. In singleplayer, the gunfire sounds don't seem to play for the changed weapons. Other than that, the mod's fine. I will point out that I love the sniper zoom sound O_,o it's quite malevolent, and I will definitely punch an unsuspecting child in celebration.

Overall, my words do no justice to this mod. I suggest reading the readme, looking at the screenshots, and see if this would be of any use for you. If you use gun mods, probably not. However, this is definitely worth an inspection =_=

- Averus Retruthan

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TK-231's Special Effects Mod V1 Base

Author: TK-231 

This mod is originally created to play alongside the Movie Battles 2 mod.
I've always wanted the game to feel more starwarsy in its effects, recreating the Tantive stormtrooper
breach feel, the smokey enviroment and spectacular effects from the original trilogy.
I started tweaking the original files, and came to understand the special effects engine a bit. Along side I was
recording sounds from the movie dvd's and editting them. After a few weeks of
tweaking here and there, releasing each significant progress to the mb2 community, the effects have
become completely different compared to the original game, effects and soundwise. The popularity of the mod
made me think I should create a simular mod for the base players, with this as a result.

you can follow the progress for the mod here


Special effects

- new wallhit effects for the pistol,e11,bowcaster,repeater primairy,atst,eweb,turrets, swoop turret.
They are several different styles and they play in a random order. 
Impacts are powerfull, filled with smoke, sparks, fire and debris and lighting.

- new fleshhit effects
- new laserbolt/muzzleflash graphics for pistol, e11, bowcaster, atst, eweb, atst
- rocket has longer and different smoketrail
- New explosion effects for, Thermal detonator, det pack, tripmine, fletchette secondairy fire
- Effects are 'smart', smoke will not pass through wall and will linger. Sparks will bounce on the architecture 
along with debris.



- 48 new regular wallhit sounds
- 26 new explosion sounds
- 29 new heavy impact sounds
- 8 new fleshit sounds
- Pistol has new primairy and secondairy fire sounds (Han's blaster)
- E11 has new primairy and secondairy fire sounds (movie authentic), new equip sound
- Bowcaster has new primairy sound (movie authentic, chewbacca's firing in ROTJ)
- Disruptor has new zoom sounds
- ATST has new firing sounds
- Swoop bike turret has new firing sound
- Emplaced Turrets has new firing sound
- Rocket has new flight sound
- New Force push sound
- New ingame talk sound
- New Therman detonator activation/loop sound (movie authentic)
- 2 new saber wallhit and body hit sounds.


- New stormtrooper sounds(remember dark forces 2?), including some for the siege voicechat. (might not be completely compatible with
ingame dialogue for singleplayer. I havent checked)
- Wilhelm scream makes a return! Stormtrooper gets his editted version, rebel soldier, bespin cop, and weequay
- Return of a few Gran sounds from Dark Forces 2, nostalgia for the win!

Known issue's: Some sieges are so spam intensive, that some effects 'disappear'.
Thats the limitation of the engine it seems.

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