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This is something that apparently a lot of people got excited about at one time... It was made for a certain mod which has died, according t...


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This is something that apparently a lot of people got excited about at one time... It was made for a certain mod which has died, according to the author of these models. Dead or not, these models have been released, though. Neo, Morpheus, and a few weapons. The author says that these are unfinished, except the katana, but they are pretty good for being unfinished.

I'll get the weapons out of the way. There are three included that I could find, but two of them show up untextured ingame for me, both of which are the katana weapons (One normal, one backhanded). The third one, though, worked well except for the fact that it is held sideways, so it hits less than it would held normally. The textures are well done on it.

Now to the Neo model. To be honest, I think it is great. It fits the character very well, I found no real issues with the model itself. The only thing I have to complain about is the shading on the face... The shadows on the lower part of the face seem too dark. Other than that, no complaints!

The Morpheus model gets almost the same response, except for a couple of things. First off, the texture on the glasses wouldn't work for me. So when I checked it out in ModView later, I took them off to see what it looked like without them. Apparently Morpheus is cross-eyed, since the eyes on this model were. :D I also thought that some of the texturing could have used a little work, especially on the lower back of his coat. It just seemed... off. Hard to explain...

Sadly, no extras were included either, such as team skins, Bot and NPC support, and new sounds. They really aren't hard to do, and with the quality of the work I have seen in this pack, I don't see why the author would not want to add them in also... Ah well...

But these things aren't really enough to make me not want to use them. For being 'unfinished', they are quite well done. I would love to see what the author's finished versions would look like.

Give this a download. You will prolly not be disappointed.


Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No Team Support: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: TMU skin pack Neo & Morpheus + Katana
AUTHOR: JEDI_Salvation
E-MAIL: unimportant...

FILESIZE: 9911 kb
DATE RELEASED: 14 September 2007 

CREDITS: TMU staff, and the respective copywright owners of the matrix franchise


Wow...its been a while, and these things have been sitting on my computer for years now. I'm sure the JK3 community is all but dead at this point, and many will probably hate me for having not released these at a time when people actually cared, so I guess it's a good thing that I care little. So here you have it, Neo, Morpheus, and the Katana, all done for the TMU mod that has been dead now as predicted by many. If you need to be reminded how to install, throw them in the Jedi Academy base folder and i think thats it. It should be noted that these are unfinished with the exception of the katana. The player models have no sound, have shading problems, and I think may not even have team color support (it was a long time ago). So if you want to fix that, go for it, credit where appropriate. Have fun guys.



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