Tobe's Modified CT Rifle & Pistols

Damn, this is going to make alot of people very happy. So many people were asking 'WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE GUNS' in the comments for my ARCs...


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Damn, this is going to make alot of people very happy. So many people were asking 'WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE GUNS' in the comments for my ARCs and Mandalorians that this guy (A friend of mine) decided to convert the sabers that Tobe made into actual guns you can use - 2 variations for pistols, and the SMG for E-11 and Repeater. Let me tell you, I love them. They're great for night time RPs; very SWATty. People are going to be clamoring all over this mod.

First on to the actual models. Tobe did a spectacular job without going overboard, and the flashlight effect fades perfectly. Very good looking models and skins. I love 'em. If only the laser pointer lined up with the crosshair... Oh, and NOTE: THESE GUN MODELS DO NOT WORK IN FIRST PERSON. Tobe made these originally as sabers, which means you will only be able to see the model in third person. In first person you will see the default gun model.

Continuing on, we come to the sounds. Pistol sounds didn't work for me for some reason; I don't know why. The select weapon sound worked, but the firing sounds didn't. They did for the author, and the sound files are all in the folder and SHOULD work, my game is just retarded. The sounds sound good to say the least. The E-11 sounds a little odd, because each blaster bolt has the sound of a burst-firing from an SMG. It gets a little weird sounding at times, but whatever. It works. The repeater is my favorite. It's sounds are perfect; kudos to JaKaL for his sounds.

Let's get to what I think could be improved were a version 2 to be released, H? 1. Give the E-11 new sounds. 2. If you can get a modeler or someone to do it, add a first person view. 3. Add custom effects, i.e. bullets, and for the alt-fire repeater, a grenade. It's been done before, just ask permission to use someone else's effects (Like JaKaL. :P) 4. Uh... iono.

Anyway, this is a very cool mod and people will probably mob it like peasants on Dr. Frankenstein's castle. Good luck fighting your way through the crowd of people for a download!


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Download '' (1.16MB)


Title			: Tobe's Modified CT Rifle & Pistols
Author			: Dark_Diablos
E-Mail			: [email protected]
XFire			: Whenlightfades
Website			: - My account name on that is 'Tyrael', not the famous skinner.

File Names		: CT Pistol 1.pk3, CT Pistol 2.pk3,CT SMG E-11.pk3, CT SMG Repeater.pk3

File Size		: 1.15MB
Date Released		: 19-09-08

Nothing fancy really. It's just a modification of Tobe's CT Rifle & Pistol, enabling them to be used as JKA rifles, not selectable as sabers. Meaning you can use an E-11 and see the awesomeness of Tobe's rifle/pistol without having
to use a saber model.

Well it's very simple. The pistol replacements only replace the Dl-44 default in JKA.
Choose which pistol you want, 1 or 2, and put only ONE in your (Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/base

For the SMG, you can have both if you really want but that's just weird. It's easy though, pick which one you want and throw
into (Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/base

Well after looking at the comments posted on a recent file (Laam's Mando's & ARCs)I noticed people took some interest 
in the weapon models he was using, unfortunately ¬_¬. As I can easily convert weapon models (near enough any) and make them 
replace for various other weapons I decided to convert them into basic rifles, for people to enjoy
without having to use the saber version created by Tobe. Additionally I enabled most of the sounds for them.
Please pay attention to the installation instructions above!!

You will notice the E-11 has a different sound to the repeater version, this is because I had to use different sounds for 
alt, explosion and primary fire as JKA doesn't read .mp3 files for the repeater.
So I used JaKaL's sounds from his 'Delta Force M-16/M203 w/ACOG and C-Mag' and they seem to work well.

I also made the SMG skin a bit darker, but doesn't make that much difference.

I have attempted & succeeded in receiving permission from Tobe to release a modified version of his rifles.
I thank him for actually taking time to read & reply to my message, I know some authors don't do that.

Not really any bugs. Only 'bug' (don't know if it can be classed as one)is mentioned above.

Not entirely my place to say, I guess you should just inform Tobe & then me if you're gonna use them in a mod or whatever.
But Tobe is the No.1 priority, aim for him.

Tobe for his CT reskins, various weapons & their sounds.
JaKaL for his Delta Force M-16/M203 w/ACOG and C-Mag weapon sounds

Modification Requirements
Of course you don't need JKA, as if!
I personally say to get the best view of this, you need to enable Dynamic Glow. It really lights up the flashlight and laser.


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