Tomb Duel

This small map is supposed to support a small duel. It will do just that, and I would even daresay its simplicity is what makes it a decent...


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This small map is supposed to support a small duel. It will do just that, and I would even daresay its simplicity is what makes it a decent duel map.

The short backstory to this map describes a Sith Lord who was challenged by many a Sith, slaying all of them but one, who would eventually kill the Sith Lord, leaving his tomb haunted and filled with the dark side. From various games, we all know a few things about Sith tombs. One: they're dark. Two: they always have creepy statues. Three: they must have a coffin, else they're really not a tomb, are they? And four: fire is a must. Bringing all these things together, you get a creepy, dark, dreary Sith tomb.

This particular tomb is not what you might expect. Rather than the very square shape we're used to seeing with early maps, this map is rectangular, and much longer than it is wide. Somehow even this simple feature gives it a little spice. On each side it has a row of columns, each having both a capital and a base, and several of the very commonly-use Sith statues. This leads to a raised platform at one end with the coffin, of course, and two Sith dog statues, one on each side.

I like the design of the map, however there are a couple of things that bug me. First and most notably is the music. It just doesn't fit, by any stretch of the imagination. Frankly I had to mute my computer while I reviewed the map. Secondly, the lighting on each side of the room is different, despite the fact that the architecture is identical. I would have to guess this is due to the placement of light entities, causing them to throw differing shadows, but the shadows being different for indentical features strikes me as a bit strange. Also there are no botroutes, but as the author points out (and I can't say I disagree) for a duel map of this size he felt botrouting was kind of pointless.

Overall I find this map pretty good for an early map. Simple, but it fits the style it's supposed to be, and has a few quirks that make it interestingly unique.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Download '' (3.99MB)

Tomb duel (v1) 
is the first mini map i have made so please refraim from saying oh this is pants or anything along those lines as i allready know it isn't the most flashy duel map around but it is just a trial thing.

Any way this is a small 2 person duel map.
On the level selection menu it will be under power duel as well but this will not work due to lack of spawn points.
I would like to thank Minus Schroeder for their song (which is used as background music in map) Creepy Crawlers.
Please note this map does not include bot routes as it is a simple duel map and i personally don't believe it is worth dueling bots.
It features many gaurd statues and 2 sith dogs along side a coffin.
To install simply place the Tomb duel.pk3 file in the base folder.
To uninstall simply remove the Tomb duel.pk3 file from the base folder.
Short story:

In the days of the New republic a new sith lord came to the head of the sith he lead a force of many many young sith but he was unwise in how he treated his minions.
The sith lord took his saber and struck down his apprentice after he failed to kill a jedi master but as a result of this the other sith came to see how evil this sith lord was.
They took up their sabers and charged on the sith lord who killed all but one of them.
This one surviver dueled the dark lord as long as he could eventually the sith lord force gripped the young sith but the young sith refused to die in vien so with his last breath
he threw his light saber cutting the sith lord in two. Now the lords spirit haunts him.
The dark lords tomb isn't much to look at but it harbours a dark secret and all that visit it leave a change person ... a dark person.

Yes i know the story wasn't very good but at least i tried.

For information about The Darth-laggers or to join the clan visit the .tk site or the forum @
Thank you for downloading this map- Darth MSN.

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