Total Jedi War



One of the coolest things about JA is being able to add another dimension to games like CTF - at least compared to JK2. Like in this map, Total Jedi War. The author, Darth Doughnut, has included swoops and mini Ties. YES! Mini Ties. AAHHH! They're so cute.

Ahem. Okay, now that I have that out of my system ... on with the review!

I know you can't see it from the screenshot there, but down that ramp are swoops waiting to be ridden to the other side of the map. The map is huge. So you'll be thankful for the swoops to get you to the other base. Also, on top of the building are the mini Ties. They can be flown to the other side as well. But, like, I'll stick with the swoops. Cause I just can't fly. Well, yes I can, I just can't land. Nor can I avoid hitting other objects. So yeah. In that building is where you'll find the flag. You'll also find a ton of bactas and weapons. All lined up and ready to go. There is nothing more in this map than city streets, buildings and streetlights. Unfortunately, it seems I'm missing some textures here and there. :/ I don't know if it was just an interference with another map in my base folder or if the map really was missing textures. Besides just swoops and Ties, there are some AT-ST's and gun turrets on towers here and there.

There's no denying that this is a simple map with almost no detail in it. The weapon placement does seem like an afterthought. And in spite of all of that, I like this map as a CTF map. As an FFA map ... I dunno. OH! And I just now got the streetlight thing. I was gonna mention how it was weird that like, sometimes the lights were red and sometimes they were blue. *slaps forehead* Obviously to indicate which base you're in or headed towards! Anyway, good job and I look forward to your next map. :)

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Total Jedi War - CTF - Team FFA Map - Beta
By Darth Doughnut

Unzip both PK3s to your Gamedata/Base Directory
BOTH Pk3s are important.  Do not delete the Mini Ties PK3 as it WILL crash the game


I made this map to add a little flavor and action to the game in the CTF and Team FFA modes.
Please consider this more of a concept then something that was taken super seriously.
I Know that i didnt make alot of detail on this map and there are good reasons for this.  Most importantly being FPS.   its an experiment in fun.  So i hope people will enjoy this map.


Important GODS - Each important to the making of this map.  if i didnt have your help i would be the pathetic slime in between the toes of the nastiest fungus filled toes.

Keshire - For giving me permission to use your Mini Ties and your help and suggestions!
Nathan19 and The rest of the Matrix Reloaded map crew for your Building window textures!!  

gotcha8903/Carter - For Beta testing and letting me know that it works good and most importantly.. MY SKY WORKS! (despite my crappy ass computer)
And All of Jk2files.com, Jediknight.net and Gamefaqs.com forum members who helped me with various questions along my trek of mapping
Oh.. and Richdiesel... for your tutorial!!  Rock on! too bad you dont finish it :( but kick ass tutorial!!

Questions - Comments - Complaints 
Email [email protected]
Visit my site at http://jk3hilts.evilzz.net

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