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AAAHHH!!! I love it when people make skins like this! Okay, I wasn't exactly a tomboy growing up, but I did play with Army men on occasion....


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AAAHHH!!! I love it when people make skins like this! Okay, I wasn't exactly a tomboy growing up, but I did play with Army men on occasion. I remember my cousin was a lot like Jason Fox (from Foxtrot - love that comic) and would melt the Army men in the sun. Geez, boys have such a mean streak. Anyway ... Army men also made a big appearance in both Toy Story movies. Loved that. *giggle*

Okay, so it sounds like some of the sound clips are from one of the Toy Story movies. They're all great and fit this skin perfectly. I'm not surprised there isn't team support for this skin - or rather, different team skins - cause, like, what do you do differently with a green plastic Army man? They're green. That's it! Anyway ... bot support is there and as I said before, there are new sounds - lots of 'em! The skin itself doesn't look amazing or anything, but I love the concept. I can't wait to see your other creative ideas, El Cuko!

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: No New Sounds: Yes


Ps. I kinda included a Foxtrot comic that I was reminded of. :D The scan sucks, I know ... but oh well. :P

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Readme File:
Jedi Academy Modification 

Name: Toy Army Man
Author: El Cuko


I did not plan to release this at all when I made it - was just having fun, but I thought the sounds were hilarious and the look convincing enough. 
I preserved detail on the rebel and applied toy-soldier green to him, then plastic coated the entire body and applied a shader. The model seemed perfect for it. 

I made this to begin to test out some of the possibilities with the OJP mods. 
These bots will use multiple taunts throughout a game when the mod is applied - If you put 7 or 8 in a level it should sound like a good invasion! 
You will be missing out on a lot without the mod so I'll give ya a link:

If nothing else, you might use this model as a pattern to design new skins to work with the mod - Random, ingame multiple taunts add quite a bit to gameplay. 
So hey -- enjoy. 


Place army_man.pk3 into your Jedi Academy\gamedata\base directory. 

Uninstall directions: 

Delete army_man.pk3 from your Jedi Academy\gamedata\base directory. 


=> My mod works only with the retail version of the Software, and does not 
work with any demo or OEM versions of the Software. 
=> My mod does not modify any COM, EXE, DLL or other executable files. 
=> My mod may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with any other 
product for which any charge is made (other than incidental charges 
for time spent on-line), but rather must be distributed free of 
=> By distributing or permitting the distribution of any new skins/ 
modifications, you agree that they do not belong to you

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