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Omegasigma strikes again, this time with a pair of runaway trains. Inyri handled the first version and she had something akin to this to say...


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Omegasigma strikes again, this time with a pair of runaway trains. Inyri handled the first version and she had something akin to this to say:

I worried about reviewing this map at first, since I am an admitted MegaMan know-nothing. But then the author said it was only based on MegaMan, so I figured I was safe. This map, as you may have guessed, involves a train. Not just one trains, as luck would have it, but two, and they're moving. Well, not really... but it certainly looks like they are. Don't fall off if you don't want to ruin the illusion!

So what do you get when you have two trains, moving side by side, with insta-kill ground below them? One heck of an interesting duel, I'm sure. Combine that with a fierce snowstorm and you're set! I must admit that I found this map very intriguing. The ambiance of it is wonderful, and despite its small size it feels very much complete. I wouldn't try having a good-sized free for all on this map, though. It seems like anything more than two or three people would really ruin what this map has going for it.

My one complaint here is the texturing, which could be a lot better. Also, the train cars are a little bit bland and could stand to be a little bit more interesting. After all, only trains these days are perfectly flat, and even then you occasionally get some cars with glass panels or timber or something. These trains are not only short, but are carrying nothing but blocks. A little variation would certainly spice up a duel. As it is I don't see that there would be a whole lot of challenge jumping between these trains -- unless you have no finesse!

A few things have improved along the way. First off, you can now enter all the wagons. Granted, there's not much there, some weapons on one train and heaters on the other, but it's something. Also, one train has been replaced by a diesel engine. No more are two steamies racing side-by-side. And when you fall off, there's no jumping quick enough to save you from having a horribly painful fall. They also seem to be screaming down the rails a bit faster. And both trains have horns. Which is really quite awesome.

Still, there are a few issues. As I already mentioned, the wagons are pretty much empty. They're small, not enough for two to run side-by-side, so it's understandable, but the point still stands. Also, I'm assuming the gray thing on the wagon behind the steam engine is coal. It doesn't look much like coal. The music loops noticeably, but that might not be a problem in the middle of a fight.

- Jose

Bot support: Nope New music: Yup New textures: Aye Gametypes: FFA, Duel

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Train Battle V2
AUTHOR**: Omegasigma

FILENAME: trainbattlev2.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 12 february 2008

CREDITS**: Megaman Legends 2 and Half life 2, and microsoft train simulator

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Place trainbattle.pk3 into the base folder in JA

DESCRIPTION**:this is a second version of my first train battle, almost none of the original
material is present except the steam locomotive which has been overhauled for more realism.
gravity has been added as well as a push if you fall off, however if you do fall off the train
your still met with a semi instant death.

BUGS: on farthest edges of screen, sky turns to cull do to drawdistance, not cull distance


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