Training Duels



This here is RockSolid's first map and although it may lack a little detail in some places, I would say it'd be a very nice training map and a very good first try.

When I first spawned, I found myself in a very large room with a small fountain in the middle and several panels lining the walls. When I touched these panels, I found that they teleported my player to various dueling arenas, each one with a different theme (Ie Fire, water, circular platforms). By moving through some more of those panels, I found myself in a room overlooking each of the dueling arenas as well as the main "lobby". In this room, there were several boxes labeled "Health" lined up on a table in the middle, but when I picked one up, I didn't know what to do with it. Afterwards, I jumped into the fountain to see if anything happened, and I was transported up to a glass box in the middle of the map which RockSolid calls the "prison".

Overall, the design isn't very complex, and the detail is a bit shoddy in some parts. There is a levelshot In the lava room, the lava doesn't glow and it sounds like actual ground if you touch it. In the water level, the water brush doesn't quite reach the walls. However, overall, I can see that this map will definately serve it's purpose as a training map which means the detail doesn't really matter at all. All in all, a nice beginning map!

Game Types - FFA Bot Support - No New Textures - No New Sounds - No




Training_Duels By RockSolid

e-mail :   [email protected]

To use this file, extract training_duels.pk3 into your   gamedata/base directory then 
run the game and the map should be in your map list under create game.

This map is basically a map with four duel rooms in, and a viewing room in the middle
which has windows looking into each duel room. it also  has a sort of glass prison hanging 
in the middle of the main room, the duel rooms are :  lava , jump , disk ,water (and balance)
some of these duels put you in prison if you fall off ledges, some kill you, some dump you 
in water you can't get out of. The map doesn't have bot support nut if you put bots in it they
 jump around the place making it hard to kill them.

SECRET: on the map there is a secret clan meeting area with the only weapon on the
map in (heavy repeater) to get there go into the room with the big stone circle in the
middle (its one of the small duel rooms), then jump at the viewing window, there is 
a tiny ledge underneath it, once on the ledge move as far to the right as you can , you
should then get teleported to a small room, run round the corners of this room (one of
the corners has a teleporter in it) then u'll get teleported into the clan room.
                               (have fun) (my first map so go easy on it)

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