This little mod can be a handy utility, if you'd like to prepare yourself for online dueling before actually stepping out into the big wide...


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File Description

This little mod can be a handy utility, if you'd like to prepare yourself for online dueling before actually stepping out into the big wide world.

It's basically an NPC pack which contains tougher, and specialised, NPCs to help you with various forms of saber combat. None of them will use Force powers, except from Jump and occasionally Protect, so for best effect, you should avoid using them too.

There are two tiers of NPC - Standard, and Specialist. Standard NPCs are more difficult renditions of what Jedi Academy throws at you in singleplayer, and Specialist are much more efficient foes comparable to humans. All in all, both tiers provide a good challenge for the unprepared player.

Also included is a small script which utilises various keys to control the spawning, freezing/unfreezing, and killing of the NPCs. I don't think I need to tell you that you need cheats activated in order to use this, due to the codes used. The keys this script will hijack, are:

/ - Freeze/unfreeze . - Select opponent , - Kill all NPCs = - Spawn selected unit

This kind of training is offset by the fact that most servers have mods, which use different damages and hit detections than baseJKA, but still, if you want to practice on something with a bit more guts than your average Reborn Master, give this a shot.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Training_SP

FILENAME: Training_SP.pk3 
FILESIZE: 4,310 bytes
DATE RELEASED: 30 May 2006

This file is designed to help you develop your saber fighting skills if you're a beginner and you wish to play online.  When I started dueling online, I had to get used to not using force powers, not using the kata, and generally dealing with opponents a lot more difficult than the AI could throw at me.  Also, there were long waits between duels and when I finally got to a match i was swatted like a bug.  This is essentially a mini mod that you can use to create an online dueling situation while being offline.  I added a few challenging npcs and specialized lightsabers for them which will hopefully test your skills and make you better at dueling over time.

So, after a lengthy introduction, this is basically what the mod does.

By running "Training_SP.cfg" (use the console to type "exec Training_SP.cfg") you strip yourself of all force powers except for jump.  Next, you cycle through npcs to fight, and spawn them.

use / to freeze or unfreeze npcs
use . to choose the next adversary to spawn
use , to kill the npcs (all)
use = to spawn the current selected unit

None of the npcs in the file are able to use force powers (aside from jump or protect) katas, and they can't throw their sabers at you.  While you are cycling through npcs and choosing which one you'd like to fight, a breif description of your currently selected npc will appear at the top right of your screen.

Bugs I know about: none... if you find something please don't email me, just post a comment about it.

Be warned, each npc moves a little faster than normal, their sabers are a little longer than yours and they have more health than you.  This varies from npc to npc but each is designed to teach you how to fight in various situations. My suggestion is to warp to a multiplayer map before spawning the npcs so you don't mess up your single player file and also it helps you get used to each map.


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