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Transformers - Frenzy

With the arrival of Shady-D and Lightsource’s Bumblebee, the bar was raised of what could be done in JK3 and really made those of us who bel...


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With the arrival of Shady-D and Lightsource’s Bumblebee, the bar was raised of what could be done in JK3 and really made those of us who believed that it would never be possible believe the impossible. And they proved it with great success.

Carrying on and surprising us once again with his mesmerizing work, Lightsource brings us his representation of the annoyingly cool robot that transformed from a radio into this little harbinger of death. I must say when I saw it in game it was awesome. There were some slight and barely noticeable stuff that happens like clipping, when the saber goes above the head in a right swing the arms clip into the head but it’s not really a problem. Also the left swing makes the shoulder on the right arm sink a bit down but again it’s barely noticeable and probably you won’t even see it.

The work on the texturing is spot on as we have come to expect from lightsource. The team skins he has provided us with consists of the torso parts being painted either red or blue. He also included bot and NPC support making this little character as badass as he can be. Also the sounds of it top it nicely making it’s whole presentation worthy of recognition. The thing blinks! :D

Overall one of the best models I’ve seen so far and clearly once again raises the bar for what a skilled modeler can do in JK3. Download this now, you won’t be disappointed. :D

Bot Support: Yus! NPC Support: YUS! Team Support: YUUS! New Sounds: YUUUS!

Ayane Yamazaki

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Transformers - Frenzy
AUTHOR: Lightsource
E-MAIL: leodesimone@hotmail.com

FILENAME: Frenzy.pk3
FILESIZE: 4,20 mb
DATE RELEASED: 22 november 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the pk3 file in you gamedata\base folder.

DESCRIPTION: It's a Frenzy model from the new Transformers movie, he has team, bot and npc support, and also a few cool taunts and sounds from the movie.

BUGS: well If I got things right there's none. Only a little bit of clipping because of the strange shape of the model.

COMMENTS: well it's not the exact copy of the movie version, on the movie he has a lot of more details than this, but well this is the best that I can do for now.

If you want to spawn the Npc Frenzy: 
-npc spawn Frenzy ( normal Frenzy )
-npc spawn Frenzy_dual ( you get the point )

CREDITs: well I can't even remember who helped me on this anymore, but anyway all the guys on the forums are always of great help.


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