Trauma Sensei's Stances (v2)



Chrono's review of the first version:

With yet another minimod, Trauma Sensei brings us his stances modification for Jedi Academy.

A few of the stances seem very impossible to be realistic, but the Samurai-looking ones for single-saber are the ones I love the most.

All in all, not a bad modification but could use some work. The side flips and such are a nice touch but as I said much work is needed for this to be better (and it has the potential to be).

Download it to take a look and keep it if you like it ^_^.

The author says that he made some corrections to this mod. But, I can't say that I see anything different to this mod at all. The stances changed are the forward and backward roll and the author includes a pic of the sideways jump thingy - but that doesn't look any different to me than the original one. Some of the stances where you're just standing there, holding the saber look awkward. And others seem intuitive. Like the single saber blue/light stance. It just seems natural. I really like the standing stance when your saber(s) is off. It's a relaxed position with your hands behind your back. Honestly, I don't like the forward or backward roll - they're too complex for just a little roll. But if you're a fan of these animations, then by all means, download away! :)





/Animations change/

AUTHOR: Trauma Sensei

E-mail: [email protected]

File name: stances.zip

File size: 10kb

Release Date: 27/10/03

Installation: Extract to "gamedata/base" directory

Details: This is the first version of the file.
The changes of the animations are:
		-Fast, Medium, Slow and dual stances.
		-Standing with hands behind back.
		-Forward and backward roll changed with butterfly move.
		-Side roll changed with side flip.

Known bugs: None.

Comments: I just couldn´t stand the idea of not having butterflies moves or flips or different 
stances, that´s why I did this. There are about 3 different dual stances each "stanceV_.pk3" file
has one of them except the first one. 

If you have any suggestion please feel free to let me know, I will really appreciate that.

Special Thanks: Paradox1 for the fast stance.
		Everyone that made this game.

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