Somehow this map seems to tickle my happy feelingsLIES! *scythes happy feelings*

This map was meant to be a tribute to several shows...


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Somehow this map seems to tickle my happy feelingsLIES! *scythes happy feelings*

This map was meant to be a tribute to several shows/movies. I love the movie studio feel of it. The map contains these little film set scenes. They just seemed so amusing I had to direct a film in one! The movie ended up with both humans being consumed by a carnivorous shoe. Sad ending, but true. Luckily I didn't have to give them their paychecks.

This map could actually serve an FFA and/or RP purpose if you really wanted to. There are several scene sets from movies and or shows that I'm too stupid to recognize except the room occupied previously by Sir Anthony Hopkins. I don't think there was a single JA texture in sight, so that's a plus.

Now, there are cons to this map unfortunately. First, it's a beta, so that blankets over the following technical errors:

- poor textures - very blocky

This was present, but I usually am not appalled by ugly textures. This map also would not serve as an ideal map location for FFAs. However, one could argue there is no ideal location for an FFA, so that nulls my opinion.

- Averus

Overall, I could easily house a nest of honeybees in this map. I would suggest an offer of bandwidth if you're looking for a decent hangout map.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Not that I'm aware of Bot Support: Aye

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Title: My tribute


This is a  project that has been in the making for severall years now. Work on it has almost died. It was meant to just be a tribute to some of my fav tv shows and movies.  Sanford and son is included , happy days, bewitched parts of ROCKY one.  Silence of the lambs hannabals cell. Much more was anticpated and desired for this map . I started it back in 2004 or ealier. I did it all work. I made nothing specifically structuall or detial. I had to go back and redo the entire map.  None of the map had chalk or anything it was all made in grid size one and it leaked like hell. I did my best to fix most of those problems . The sanford and son section has the most problems. Sanford and so is my favorite show in this world so I started my map with it and built off of it. 

I have not been working on this straight inspiration is hard to  find and I picked it up and forgot about it over the past few years.

I would have continued my map but I lost inspiration. I have free time off from the college I now attend...I started this in my freshman year of  higschool so actually it might have been longer than just 2 yaers now....yah....

Now Im a freshman in college. The map has been left behind. It is my 1st map ever. I cant bear to hold on to it any longer. 

It is only a beta and with I had some good comments about it I might have a reason to go on with it. However Ive lost all inspiration . I love my sanford section of the map but Im afaird that Ive lost inspiration. If you do like it the map then feel free to request tv shows for me to put into it. 

Please go easy on me with this map. Im not a mean man. I dont claim to be a great mapper or sorts. I just wanted to do something different with my life. I love sanford and son and wanted to imagine myself in it more. So I made a map so that you and I could both.

Only a junk in sanford and son but there is a truck and the layout of the house is accurate.....

Enjopy the map and if anything I submutt this map now for the public to decide if the map is worth me continuing.

Cheers and the fugitive movie were next to be added to this map.

Also If I pk3ed this wrong and the admin is tested it PLEASE set it straight if you can. I dont know much about anything when it comes to tech stuff or the computer. Im just will vs skill. Like rocky was....haha. Rocky. WILL VS SKILL

This map is incomplete and only a beta

Brian Kory, wants to be a film director. In  college. 18 years old. Looking for inspiration for map.

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