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Z-Fighting. Missing Textures. Extreme Darkness. Corrupt Shaders. You've all heard these terms before, and you all know these are not pleasan...


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Z-Fighting. Missing Textures. Extreme Darkness. Corrupt Shaders. You've all heard these terms before, and you all know these are not pleasant things to be present in any kind of map or mod. You often see some of them in newer maps, but even I have to admit that it's rare to see every single one of these errors in one single map. Oh, and d'you know what's worse? The shader errors cause massive texture loss on default levels, not just on this level itself. :( So I highly recommend you don't download this, unless of course you despise all default Raven maps, however unlikely that may sound.

There are two maps included in this pack, both of which exhibit the above problems, although the smaller duel map to a much lesser extent. The duel map is actually not too bad, aside from the fact that its name is spelt ridiculously - make sure you check how the map is actually named before trying to load it through the console. ;) The main FFA map is the main culprit of my wrath for this review though ;) The most annoying thing is the extreme darkness in a multitude of areas. The only way to see for about half of the map is with your saber glow, and in the other half the lighting is plain, and without sourcing. Architecture is blocky throughout, and textures repeat endlessly wherever you look. Oh, and there's the fact of getting stuck at the bottom of pits where you are supposed to die, but actually, don't. :(

The rancor duel map is alright though. Still far too dark, but looks much cleaner and the architecture and lighting is vastly improved, with some green neon glows, and a spectator area. I have to say though, the most impressive part of this map pack is actually the custom skin of Desann you get with it. Impressive, but darn creepy if you ask me.

It's kind of like the Joker from that Batman film - an evil clown looking uh, thing. Oh, and for some reason his belt is transparent so you can see through his body. Aside from that though, it doesn't look half bad. :D Sure, the textures are a little painted-on in places, and the bot that comes with it acts as if he only has one brain-cell; but meh, I can live with that. Hell, with my skill, I actually look forward to a bot I can actually kill! ;)

New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (2.54MB)

Trixters Hideout and Trixters Battel Arena by : Darth Droofus

This group of maps is not my first map group but it is the first one to air

Installation: Place the Trixtermod.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

Music:yes(regualr JA music)
Bot support: yes
custom texture's: no
edited bot/skin: Desann   (now the TriXter)

Comments for Trixters Hidout: I made this map because I had nothing to do, I guess. but it is a great map. it has lots of places to fight in, and for those who like riddles and traps, you can have fun with solving them and beat the crud out of your friend at the same time! :)
look out though, sometimes making a wrong move could be fatal!!! If your smart and lucky you might be able to fight the trixter yourself. I killed him once but paid for it later. If you do kill him yourself (and his girlfriendS) you can take over this throne and see how many people can defeat you!!! There are lots of ways to die, so be carefull, or suffer the dire consequences!!!!  . HAVE FUN!!! :) 

Comments for Trixter Battel Arena: This map was for those who like fighting, or watching fighting more than all that riddel stuff. but do not play this map JUST to watch others fight. Half the time it's gonna be you!!!

Hope you enjoy these maps, If you got this from the websight then you might have seen a Pic of the day featuring this map. Probably the only reason you got this map pack is because of the spikes... :(       ...well...      :0                  Thats the only reason I made that map. enjoy!!! ;)

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