Tru Othora

I can safely say I haven't seen a skin like this. It's strange, to say the least. But having it be strange doesn't mean it doesn't look...


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I can safely say I haven't seen a skin like this. It's strange, to say the least. But having it be strange doesn't mean it doesn't look good. In fact, this skin looks excellent.

Sure, the skin has lots of Gothic make-up and has lots of black clothes, but it looks good. The other parts of the skin don't look too bad in conjunction with other parts of the Jedi Female model. Although...I don't like how the author has the neck be a part of the head, so if you try to have the Goth torso and a regular head, it just doesn't look too good. The other thing is that this overwrites one of the Jaden skins. I don't see why the author couldn't make it a separate skin (albeit still in the jedi_hf folder). But besides that, there are a few small and almost insignificant things that could be called 'wrong' with this skin, although I see no point in saying what they are since they're almost unnoticable, and you wouldn't be able to see them in-game anyways.

I do like this skin. It's a very nice, and different skin. And best of all, it's well made!

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** Title: Tru Othora skin      ** 
** Author: MissJade            **  
** E-mail:     **
** ---                         **
** File Name: Tru_Othora.pk3   ** 
** File Size: 1213kb (1.18mb)  ** 
** Date Release: 10/07/06      ** 
			                 *~Tru Othora~*

*Info on Skin:
This skin is a re-color of Guanshire's Bastila skin. Meaning, that this skin will
replace one of the custom skins in JK3. (Meaning: You'll probably see a bunch
of 'Tru Othoras' running around in the game *FUN*).

Just put the .PK3 File in:  JediAcademy/GameData/Base   
And you're ready to play the skin. It's that easy!

I based this skin off of a character that I made while playing KOTOR and Battlefront 1.
I got her first name ‘Tru’ from my once favorite show 'Tru Calling'. I got ‘Othora’ from KOTOR. 
There was a Twi'lek Sith (On Korriban) that name was Yuthura Ban (She so rocked).
Anyway, I'm sorta obsessed with Gothic make-up. So, I just thought to mix that together 
to make up "Tru Othora". 

First I gotta say thanks to God, for making my parents so that my brother and I could be here. So that 
he could tell me about this game, which led me to the JK site, which led me to a not-so-great tutorial. 
Which led me to e-mailing the oh-so-talented and super nice Amidala, who lead me to back here to discover the
also talented Gunshire. Who's skin I used to make my own. So, thanks everyone!
And I want to give a quick shout out to all my gals at the Harvest moon
site, you totally rock!

*Contacting me:
If you need to contact me regarding my skin or anything else dealing with my skin, 
you can just e-mail at:


*If you ever get bored, just count how many times "Tru Othora's" name is riddled throughout this read me.
You will get nothing, nor will you win anything, but I can guarantee that it will waste your time (=.*


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