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Whether your clan is skill-based or otherwise, it's a common perk that when you join a clan, you'll get a custom skin. Or, at the very lea...


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Whether your clan is skill-based or otherwise, it's a common perk that when you join a clan, you'll get a custom skin. Or, at the very least, you'll get to wear the clan skin. More often than not, clan skins are based on the Reborn model. It's not a secret that I'm not fond of the Reborn, but sometimes I find myself embracing the model. Rarely do I like clan skins. I'm not sure I'm of sound mind when I say this: I like this Reborn clan skin. It is a sith clan, so the black and red suit it, naturally. And as cliche (I'm too tired to find the accented e and use it, leave me alone :P) as some of the markings may be, they're not really overdone here. It seems a little busy at first glance, but the symbols and lines are fairly simple. The most intricate designs are on the back. I really like the very small touches of white here and there. It's a clan skin, so it's gotta have their logo or tag somewhere on the skin, but here it's done subtly on the chest, with a small TS.

If you're a clan that plays team-based game types, then you have to have the team supported skins. The red one is obvious and kinda boring, while the blue one is, well, bright. The pink lines kinda surprised me. But hey, who says a sith can't wear pink? There's no bot support, but I'm thinkin' that a clan skin is really in no need of bot support. The only thing that disappoints me here is the lack of a new taunt. I do feel it necessary to mention that while this skin is decent and is getting praise from me, I also think it's a tad boring. So, considering my dislike of Reborn and clan skins in general, I'd say this is a darn good review for this skin. ;)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight 3
Model Name:		"TS Clan Skin"

Author Mesh & Skins:  	The Sith Clan Skin By David Sluyk aKa TS_Sluyky

Email: 	                dsluyk@blueyonder.co.uk

ClanWebsite :		www.the-sith.vze.com

Concept:  		Based on a reborn skin , made into our clan desired look.


*Information *

CTF                             : Yes
Bots                            : No
Custom sounds              	: No
Installation instructions       : unzip and place the pk3 file into the 
'base' folder of JKA
Filesize                        : 783kb
Build date                      : 15/10/2003
Version                         : 1.0



I first made this skin in jk2 on a reborn model and it looked pretty sweet,i 
only ever
used this skin for my clan and made many other unreleased skins - JKA was 
released and
i decided to make it for the newer game, upon relising that hte old JK2 
skins could be
used in JKA i thought well saves time, then i found the fatal bug of only 
one saber being
raised in a duel saber move...so i basically copy and pasted the whole skin 
onto a new reborn
model thus removing the bug. Enjoy the sin :)


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