Tusken Exiles

Well, this is certainly not your conventional Tusken skin. In fact, it doesn't even use the Tusken model! It is an interpretation of an unma...


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Well, this is certainly not your conventional Tusken skin. In fact, it doesn't even use the Tusken model! It is an interpretation of an unmasked Tusken raider, apparently one who has left his normal way of life to become a Jedi. Unfortunately these Tuskens must have been sick or something, as the author describes them as "plagued" and such. Now I don't know why people think Tuskens must obviously be diseased creatures if they wear masks, as mask wearing is very characterstic of nomadic and clan-based societies, but it's an interpretation, and since there's no official stance on what a Tusken looks like underneath all those robes, it's a completely valid one.

The skin itself portrays these Tuskens very much in their original nature. They are donned in very natural clothing - mainly leather and serpentskin - which seems very fitting. The faces are very much plagued looking, to a disgusting degree, in fact, and they definitely look like something you wouldn't want to get near. While the skins look pretty good from a distance - they match, fit, and have good cohesion - but up close it's obvious that textures were tiled without blending. That is, two textures are butted up next to each other with a hard and obvious line where they differ. While you can't see it from a distance very well, the fact that it exists lowers the overall quality of these skins, and is something that should be fixed with a next version, or something that should be kept in mind for future skins. A bit of feathering goes a long way.

Team skins are a bit lacking, just consisting of blue or red logos on the skin, and quite possibly the biggest let down is that the skins use male Jaden sounds, rather than Tusken sounds. Definitely something that should be fixed. I don't think their masks changed their voices, and Tusken Raiders definitely don't speak basic.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:	Tusken Exiles Skin 
AUTHOR	Tarbaby 
E-MAIL	tar_babie@hotmail.com 

FILENAME: exiles.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 13 January 2007 

CREDITS:	I want to thank God....and my mom....for giving me the disdain for television, the obssesive compulsion, and the anal retentiveness necessary to enjoy skinning.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: First, delete your C:Program Files folder.  Then hit "Empty the Recycle Bin".  Then punch yourself really hard.  In the neck.  Three times.  Oh yeah, if you want to use the mod, just put the .pk3 file into  Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base  folder.

DESCRIPTION:  My interpretation of a clan of Tusken raiders who abandon their rags and learn the ways of the Force.  They are re-skins of the standard human jedi (2 outfits) and Rax Joris.  They have plague-infested skin and are dressed in snakeskin and (what's supposed to look like) leather.  Bots and (sucky) team colors included.  I also threw in the original concept: lava.  His skin was supposed to look dry and cracked/scarred but he ended up looking like lava....not the lamp, the hot red stuff. 

BUGS:  The exposed ribs on Rax Joris overlap his clothes on certain animations which is only slightly annoying.  

COMMENTS: After months kitbashing other people's work, this is my first release.  I'm not satisfied with the team colors.  Red/Blue logo is the best I could come up with...any suggestions?  I also need to do something with the Alpha channels but can't decide what.  I left them in there, along with playerschoice.txt but they really don't do much of anything right now.

At any rate I welcome all comments, suggestions, criticisms, proposals (rich women only, please), and handouts. Don't be shy, I can take it...the good, the bad, and the ugly (unless it's a proposal; please see above).



so there!

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