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--TaihXe brings us a Tuxedo Rosh. It reminds me of a really annoying version of James Bond with a really high voice. Tuxedo Rosh has a s...


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-[JM]-TaihXe brings us a Tuxedo Rosh. It reminds me of a really annoying version of James Bond with a really high voice. Tuxedo Rosh has a stylin Tux on. One thing that will be interesting about Rosh re-skins is it seems a pretty easy skin to do so many people would start making Rosh skins and then people hate them. -[JM]-TaihXe made this skin of Rosh kind of interesting, I like the detail he used such as the studs and the bow tie that he added onto it. I think it would have been interesting if he could change the hair to slicked back if possible or even just make it a bit darker. The black shoes go perfect with him. All he is missing is that little red napkin in the pocket :).

Overall this is a fairly decent skin not the best, but fairly decent. I didn't see any glitches, which was good. I was disappointed to see that there were no team colors or new sounds, but oh well. There was bot support though so that's good. The detail was pretty good the face didn't look to bad, except for the fact that he looked like he didn't get enough sleep the night before. I wouldn’t say that this skin is extraordinarily good, but it has some key features that can make it look good. One thing I noticed is his pants look like they are connected to the shoes, which looks a bit strange in my opinion. So overall pretty nice job -[JM]-TaihXe the look came out well, but it would look even better with new sounds, team colors, and a napkin in a pocket :).


New Sounds: No Team Colors: No Bot Support: Yes

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Skin's Name             : Tuxedo Rosh
Pk3's name		: tuxedo_rosh.pk3
Author                  : TaihXe
Email Address           : taihxe@hotmail.com
Skin's description      : This is my first skin so I decided to be original and go with a                             more formal look for players - Rosh pimpin' in a tuxedo.
Additional Credits to   : LucasArts for creating the Star Wars series, Raven for their great                           game-making skills and effort.
* Construction *
Base                    : Rosh Penin model reskinned
Editor used             : Photoshop, Pakscape, Notepad
Known Bugs              : No known bugs
Supports                : Bot Support only
* How to use this skin *
Unzip "tuxedo_rosh.pk3" to your base folder (default: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base)
* Copyright / Permissions *
Feel free to distribute this skin anywhere, just make sure you keep the Readme.txt intact and give credit where it is due, also drop me an email and let me know where you uploaded Tuxedo Rosh to :)  ENJOY!

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