Well, I personally think that this is a good example of the need to test your maps before you release them. In this map, there were a lot of...


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Well, I personally think that this is a good example of the need to test your maps before you release them. In this map, there were a lot of textures missing. It started to drive me nuts after a while. As I went through this map, I found some errors. One, is with the elevators. I got an error that said “Entity Used Itself” There was also a bug with the falling death feature. When I fell to my death, I heard the noise and everything, but I landed on a floor and just stood their for about 5 seconds before I did. You have to use the doors to get them to open, they don’t open automatically. I did find a swimming pool, but that had missing textures too. Actually, I wouldn’t really call them missing, because they are certainly there, but when you enter the game, you get a lighmap problem. I did find some Z-Fighting places, but not very many. There is a place where you can watch a duel, through glass. On the other side of that glass is a wall, so people can see you, but you can’t see them, Or Vis-Versa depending on your location. I didn’t find any bot support in the map, but there is new sound. One thing that really bothered me, is the place that you spawn at. Actually, there is only one spawn point, and you know what happens when too many people attempt to spawn at the same point. In the place were you spawn, its a hallway, with doors on either said. This prevented me from Spectating, and moving around the map to get screen shots. That is why you can see my character in the screen shots, it was the only way I could navigate throughout the map. This map was also made for FFA. The author really needs to submit an update for this map. I am also wondering, if its called “Twi'lek-Dueling”, then why isn’t it a duel map?

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (10.24MB)


Installing              : to install it put the 2 pk3 files in the 'gamedata/base' folder.
removing                : to remove it take out the 2 pk3 files from the 'gamedata/base' folder.

Title			: twi'lek-Dueling
Author			: soil
E-Mail			: (yes its for msn as well)
Website			: website n/a

File Name		: twi'lek-Dueling.pk3
File Size		: about 10mb
Date Released		: October 31, 2004 (halloween)

Description		: about my 3rd map but the 1st one for people to be able to download.

Additional Information	: This map is compatible with FFA. 

Started At              : October,19,2004
Finish Date             : October,31,2004

New Texture's           : yes

textures used from the following maps:

Music                   : yes
song                    : Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away
removing the song       : delete twi'lekodueling-song.pk3 to get rid of the song

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