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Usually I'm not fond of just taking some sounds from one game and putting them in another. It's one of those "ports" we generally allow, bec...


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File Description

Usually I'm not fond of just taking some sounds from one game and putting them in another. It's one of those "ports" we generally allow, because there's really no harm in it, but lacks a certain level of creativity and effort, since moving an MP3 or WAV from one place to another is pretty simple.

But when you replace 172 sounds, it's a different story. Because these sounds are from modern shooters, a lot of them are more realistic than what you would hear in JA, though some of them even seem a little bit too realistic. I do find that most of the new weapon fire sounds I don't think really fit with the weapons. Hearing a concussion rifle make a sound like it's actually firing a bullet when the "projectile" is actually a stream of electricity (for lack of a better word) just rubs me the wrong way. A lot of the new weapon selection sounds are neat, though.

Overall it's a very complete pack that, while not perfect, should add a little extra something to your experience, if you're one of the "realistic" types. It's a big download, but potentially worth it, so if you can afford it spend the time to download it.


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- Twinmold Sounds -

Title           : Twinmold Sounds
Author	        : Twinmold
E-Mail	        :
Website	        :

File Name       : twinmold_sounds.pk3
File Size       : 21,150 Bytes
Date Released   : 05 December 2005

Credits         : I obtained the sounds from: Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault,
                  Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and Halo: Combat Evolved.

Install	        : Put the PK3 "twinmold_sounds" in your GameData/Base folder.
Uninstall       : Remove the PK3 "twinmold_sounds" from your Base folder.

Description     : I changed 172 of the sounds included with Jedi Academy. Everything from footsteps,
                  fire crackling, steam,and weapon fires. I didn't change the blaster, force or lightsaber
                  sounds. I didn't have anything that I thought was better than the originals. You may not
                  hear a lot of the sounds if you only play multiplayer because of lot of the sound changes
                  are ambiance and effects, most of which are only in single player.

Bugs            : As far as I can tell none. All of the sounds work perfectly.

Comments        : I never liked a lot of the sounds in Jedi Academy. They always felt a little weak to me.
                  So after going through my large collection of sounds files I decided I had enough to put
                  together a small sound mod. Turned out a little bigger than I thought it would.
                  I hope you enjoy this sound mod as its my first public contribution to the mod community.

Here is a list of the file sounds I changed:

- pipe steam
- spark 1-3
- thunder close 1-2
- waterfall huge close

- bespin wind

- windy1
- rainy

- bird 1-7
- drops 2-3
- waterfall medium

- cloth 1-3
- electric beam
- energy crackle
- explode
- fire
- fire burst
- grate destroy
- metal bounce 1-2
- pipe steam
- tram boost
- torch burning

- use bacta

- object destroy 1-7
- tree fall

- body fall human 1-3
- body fall water 1-3
- dirt land
- fall splat
- gravel land
- gurp 1-2
- land
- mud land
- roll
- sand land
- snow land
- water in
- water out

- dirt run 1-4
- gravel run 1-4
- metal run 1-4
- mud run 1-4
- sand run 1-4
- snow run 1-4
- stone run 1-4
- water run 1-4
- water wade 1-4
- wood run 1-4

- atst fire2
- blaster select
- bowcaster select
- bryar select
- concussion alt fire
- concussion explosion
- concussion fire
- concussion select
- demp select
- detpack explode
- detpack fire
- detpack select
- detpack stick
- detpack warning
- disruptor select
- emplaced mount
- emplaced dismount
- eweb mount
- eweb dismount
- cargo explode
- debris explode
- explosion huge 1-4
- small debris
- flechette alt fire
- flechette fire
- flechette ricochet 1-2
- flechette select
- laser trap fire
- melee kick 1-5
- punch 1-4
- repeater fire
- repeater hit wall
- repeater select
- rocket alt fire
- rocket fire
- rocket hit wall
- rocket select
- saber bounce 1-3
- enemy saber off
- enemy saber on
- saber catch
- saber on
- scepter slam
- sword swing 1-3
- thermal bounce 1-2
- thermal explode
- thermal fire
- thermal select
- tusken rifle fire gun
- tusken rifle hit body
- tusken rifle hit surface

- fire lp

- conc missle impact
- mine impact
- proton impact


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