Two-Fort: Nar Shaddaa

CTF, eh? Has been a while since we saw CTF maps as a commonplace occurence. This one's kinda small, sadly. General concept, two forts. Ye...


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CTF, eh? Has been a while since we saw CTF maps as a commonplace occurence. This one's kinda small, sadly.

General concept, two forts. Yep, CTF staple, but one that surprisingly keeps the gametype alive. Imagine that, eh? One blue, one red. Identical layouts.

What's I liked is that there's no abundance of unnecessary eye candy. A small droid hovering over the bridge and that's it, the rest of the map is all about CTF. The architecture is all very clean-cut, texturing is neat and logical. Lighting is done down to an art, plenty of shader lights and it all looks steady, no sources though except for aforementioned shaders. There's a few gameplay niggles - the aforementioned droid will allow a skilled acrobat a quick way between bases - but overall it's traditional CTF.

What I disliked was the lack of movement space, the map feels very cramped which wouldn't work well in a firefight. While there are three routes to each flag, they all go through one central chokepoint which would easily be held by someone with a bowcaster or flak cannon. Speaking of which, no weapon/ammo drops? Aw, man, CTF just ain't a Jedi gametype, y'know?

Only two errors to be found, and they're more like glitches. First, the edited textures are busted - returned the missing texture grid. Secondly, I spy with my little eye an erroneously placed bit of texture hovering inexplicably in the skybox. Yes, I did notice that. Very pathetic indeed. Oh, the MP3 file initially appeared broken, but since the error specified no filename I'm guessing the issue is that no MP3 was specified, so moot point.

Despite the map's shortcomings, you'll have some good 4v4 CTFs on this, possibly even 6v6. Word of advice, though, merc yourselves. This map isn't too suited for Jedi combat except for in two areas, which works in it's favour actually. CTF is always far more fun for the gunners than it is for the Jedi. You'll probably need Force Jump to navigate the bases, though, which sort of puts a dampener on that theory.

Tips for next version? Expand the map, add pickups, generally give the players a little more breathing room.

~ Kouen

Bot Routes: No Custom Textures: Yes Custom Models: No Custom Audio: No

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Textures:	Ravensoft

Texture Editing:	The Crazy Assassin

Custom Shaders:	The Crazy Assassin

File Size:	923kb (less than 1MB)

Map Name: "twofortnarshaddaa"

This is a Capture the Flag map, featuring two forts, one bridge between them, and a bottemless pit under the bridge.

There are two secret passages in each fortress.

Ravensoft, for the textures and shaders that I edited.

The JK files team, for making so many mapping tutorials available.

This is the first beta of the map, so don't be surprised to see bugs and lack of detail.

I can't stop you from decompiling this map, so I'd appreciate it if you at least give me SOME credit in your readme, should you decompile this map and make use of all or part of it...

=Plans for Version 1.0=
-Add two more bridges to either side of the chasmish area, for more pathway options.
-Add more 'city' to the map.
-Increase detail level.

These are not garenteed to happen, they're just what I'm hoping to do.


Place the file called Two-Fort_Narshaddaa.pk3 in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder. If you installed to the default directory, your gamedata folder can be found in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, but if you did not install to the
	default directory, then you gamedata folder will be found where ever you installed the game to.

To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

=This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts,=
=Ravensoft, Activision, or any other company involved or not involved in=
=making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.					=

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