Now, I've never been shy about my feelings for Reborn reskins. You guys should know by now that I'm not a fan of them. There are, however,...


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Now, I've never been shy about my feelings for Reborn reskins. You guys should know by now that I'm not a fan of them. There are, however, some exceptions. This is one of those exceptions. The design on the hood is intricate and interesting. The tattoo and the symbols on the chest look great and give the skin some nice detail. The eyes are a lovely, soft mint green shade. Although I like all of these features, there are a few things that the author falls short on. The bare skin on the Reborn is almost ... I dunno, statue-like. It's supposed to be like real skin, but I don't think the creator pulled it off quite right. The "M" on the back is nice, and ambigious enough that (as the author stated in the readme) anyone can use this skin.

More than anything, I'm happy with the effort that went into this skin. The team skins are just as impressive as far as effort goes. I'm not fond of the shiny appearance, but I appreciate the work that was done here. It's unfortunate that no new sounds were included. Overall though, I'd say this is a decent reskin ... y'know, for a Reborn. ;)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'tyrael_skin.zip' (1.99MB)

=======================================Mephiston inc.-=====================================

==========Jedi Academy 1.01================================================================

///////Install instructions

extract file tyrael.pk3 to gamedir/GameData/base

//////Skin Stats
 Author Name: Mephiston
 Aim: mephiston da 2nd
 Skin Name: Tyrael/Mephiston 
 Version: 1.0
 Programs Utilised: Pakscape, Photoshop 6, MsPaint
 model: reborn :P
 bot support: No
 Sounds: no 
 Shaders: yes
 Team colors: yes
 Total Skinning time (on and off) : 3 days
 Inspirations: <ZOU> reborn, Corels Kotor Dark Jedi, Luke Emperor model
 Credit given to: the author Corels Kotor Pack, and to raven software, creators of the
reborn model.

   This is a reskin of reborn, obviously. The primary skin, is white, there are designs
on his hood, black in color.His eyes are green. On the front of his torso you will notice
 3 chinese symbols,the top 2 together mean retribution, and the one the bottom means death. 
I tried to trace them using a mouse, which should explain the probable discrepencies. Even
 tho this is a personal skin, i decided to place just an M on the back instead of my full 
screen name, essentially allowing the user to give whatever meaning they want to the letter. 
Below the M there is another small design. His arms were retextured to look like skin, therefore
he is wearing a sleevless shirt. The arms were pretty much drawn on by me, so it was hit or 
miss, but they turned out alright in the game. He is wearing wrist bands. The pants are 
somewhat lacking in detail. I attempted to draw on a belt but as you can see that turned out
pretty badly. There are bands going down the sides of the pants. His boots are just simply
the reborn boots darkened and recolored to look more like leather. The red team skin is, 
by far, the best looking of all. The main body has been darkened to pitch black, with minor
details In red and yellow. His eyes also have a similar colouration. The blue team skin 
has a main body of darkish blue, with the details cloured black and yellow. His eyes are blue.
All three skins have shimmer shader applied to them. This shader can be originally found
on Corels' Kotor skinpack, on the darkjedi skin. He is to be creditted for this shader, since
all i did was take it from there and modify it for my own purposes.

////////Copyright BS

     You may modify this skin in any way you see fit. I would prefer that you do give me credit
for the original skin, so there wont be 100 people accusing me of plagarising, but it is not
necesary. Any rerelease of my skin however, be it in a skinpack or something else, i ask that
you give me credit for my skin. I do not need to be notified.

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