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What is it with clans and clan maps and their need to include offices and pictures of themselves? That just really bugs me. There are more...


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What is it with clans and clan maps and their need to include offices and pictures of themselves? That just really bugs me. There are more creative ways of adding your own personal touch to a map than just putting up portraits of your character and your name under it. And the offices - I mean, who actually plays in those rooms? At the very least, the offices should be smaller in size. With that said, I shall now present UKM Academy. :D

UK pride is prevalent throughout this map, but especially when you spawn in the front of the temple. Now let's take a look at the Training room. In the center of the room are four short, spinning pillars. I assume this is to help you with dodging. There are more pillars of different size all around the room with goal post things where you are supposed to jump through. At the top is a grate floor suspended from the ceiling for dueling. If you take the side door from below, it'll transport you to the viewing room, where, correct me if I'm wrong, there's a pic of Darth Vader in a dress. :|

Just through another door is a vast library with many books that fill the bookshelves in the huge room. Above is a room with what looks to be Roman Doric columns and a ceiling with a big fingerprint on it. :D There are a few doors here. One will take you to a low ceiling'ed Council room, another door will lead you to the requisite offices. Two are modest in size and decor, and I assume the biggest one belongs to the leader of the clan. It even includes a bed in wall - with the ugliest quilt known to man. Just below the Library is a large fountain with a lovely plaque. More doors surround the large marblized room. One opens to a very familiar room with many stone pillars and a platform high above. The only real difference between this room and the one that is originally from the very popular Jedi Council map by Griffenclaw, is that some of the pillars circle the platform.

Mmkay, when you come across a button that asks you not to press it - don't. I always learn these things the hard way. The duel arenas include this big, dark bubble. There's no way out, except death. :/ Good luck dueling in that room! There's another room that's definitely a tourney room. The duelists walk onto the platform, bow, and then the floor drops out from under the platform. If you step off the platform, there's nothing under you to save you! There's more than enough room to sit and watch the match.

Onto my favorite part of this map! The pool & spa! Upon entering, you can watch as people swim in the cool, blue water. Or take the stairs up and take an elevator ride up to one of the three diving boards and join the swimmers below. I really love the greenhouse-like glass that looks out.

There are two things that I like about the hockey rink here: the scoreboard and the stands. Those were done really well. :) The rink itself is what you'd expect. A slippery surface, but not much more. With admin mods out now though, we can sleep a bot and use it as a puck! YAY! Outside in the gardens are a couple of trampolines to bounce around on. And y'know those big bouncy things you see at parks? They're usually rented for kids' birthdays. There's a very colorful one in a corner of the gardens. Also, there's a small area for a casual duel. There is one secret in this map - but I'm not telling you where. :) The author gives you a hint in the readme. It's fun, but when I got to the end, I didn't really see the point. :/ There was nowhere to go after that.

As expected, there's no bot support - there usually isn't with clan maps. There are many, many new textures, though most of 'em seem to be screenshots of stuff. :/ And for your listening pleasure, it sounds like a track from the movie Krull (composed by James Horner) - the main theme, I think. Overall, this is a good clan map. I averaged 20 FPS in most areas, sometimes a bit higher in some places. Oh, and the filesize is over freakin' 40MB! There were a few fun things, but really this is nothing new. I've seen this done with so many clan maps, that I was kinda bored of seeing no originality. I'd mention map names, but you guys should know what I'm talking about. ;) Good job, Strider - I look forward to your future work.

Bot Support: No New Textures: TONS! New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (40.94MB)

Author - UKM Strider (David Maiden)

E-mail -


To Install:

This map is only playable in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It will not run in JK2. Place the ukm1.bsp into your JKA base folder and load her up.

First of all, thank you for downloading this map. I know 40+ Mb is a bit excessive, but this is my first attempt at making my own map and I do tend to get carried away sometimes, as is the case with this map. So I hope you like this map well enough to consider the massive download to be worth the effort.
As I said this is my first map of any kind. Its basically a clan map for the United Kingdom Mercenaries made using Ye Olde JK2Radient. Among some of the features are:

Landing pad and Gardens
Swimming Pool with Diving boards, viewing windows and shower facilitys
Combat Training Room
Ice Rink
Main duel arena with gallery seating
Oubliette (Prison) which doubles as a Winner-Stays-On arena
Jump Room (Similar to Griffinclaws JC map)
Council chamber and offices

There is also a secret area which is highly recommended for two players. The entrance is located somewhere in the gardens ;)

Special thanks go to:

UKM_Gauntlet for the fine work he did in creating the custom textures for me, not to mention all the ideas and support he gave me. Thanks Den :) Your a star, mate.

UKM_Aidy (aka WoTs_Aidy) for all the help he gave me by helping me through the basics of map making as well as always helping me out with the problems this map gave me (And believe me, after 2 months work this map has thrown a lot of those at me)

PhilawareINC for those gorgous marble shaders taken from a test map he gave me many moons ago. He doesn't actually know I've taken them as I haven't been able to get in touch with him for ages, so if your reading this Phil, I nicked a couple of your marble shaders mate. Hope you don't mind. They were just what I needed and too good to leave out. Get in touch, mate, would be great to hear from you again.

UKM_Arwen (aka my beloved fiance) deserves extra special thanks and recognition for putting up with me for the whole time I spent making this map. This includes all the panic attacks when things went wrong, the shoulder rubs when I was stressed and ready to hit DELETE and for not having a go at me when I stayed awake all those nights finishing off and adjusting little bits here and there. Girl, I am so gonna marry you ;)

UKM_DaveG for founding the finest clan/community I have ever known and for keeping it alive all this time and most of all for motivating me into doing something creative again. Your a rare breed, Dave.

RichDiesel for making the best damn tutorial I've ever come across. Hope to see them finished someday, mate. :)

Thanks also to UKM_Solo, UKM_Tricky, UKM_Shat Kat, UKM_EJunkie, UKM_Bull (IE_Alpha), IE_Banshee, UKM_Shinobi, UKM_Aelgas, UKM_Toby, UKM_Wholi Gabais, UKM_Lill, George Lucas, all the guys at Raven, my mum, my dad, my dads parrot, Tom, Luke, Damien, the walrus from the classic beatles song, the Monty Python team, Edmund Blackadder, Pope Gregory IX, David Dickenson, Bobby Davro, Jeremy Beadle, Auntie Gertrude, Auntie Gertudes cat, Auntie Gertrudes budgie, Auntie Gertrudes dentures, Chris Moyles, Jordens left knocker, that guy from the guiness ad who does that funny dance, Mel Smith, Keith Harris and Orville, Basil Brush, Sooty and Sweep, Jeoffrey Archer, Tigris of Gaul, Neville the part-time barman, Pooley and O'Malley and Spit the Dog. 


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