Ultimate Chronicles Reborns

Well well, what do we have here but another reborn reskin? Now now, people, don't run away just because of it's nature. This isn't a bad...


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File Description

Well well, what do we have here but another reborn reskin? Now now, people, don't run away just because of it's nature. This isn't a bad reskin, really.

The author intended for this to be three skins, but I call it reskin because there's the main default skin, and the team colors are variations of reborns, though different from the default reborns and this default skin.

The main skin is black and white, with some new designs over em. The blue team skin is pretty much a white clothed reborn with some symbols on it. The red team skin is, in my opinion, the best. That's prolly because I like the colors red and black though. :p This team color is just that: mostly black with some red spots on em. As with the other two, symbols have been added to this skin as well. Each skin has had a mask put onto the face, a scar over an eye, and some light patches at the top of the head that appears to be hair that you can't see unless you look up under the hood.

So, again, I thought these skins were well done, though maybe not the most original ones out there. Some of the symbols that were added actually appear to have some blending to em to make em seem as if they were supposed to be there, instead of looking like a sticker slapped on. Others, though, look the opposite, which was a bit disappointing...

Speaking of disappointing, no extras, such as bot, npc, sound, have been added to this file. Those would have made up for the symbol problems. :p

But, you be the judge. Check out the shots and you decide if you want to download it or not.


Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No

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Title: Ultimate Chronicles Reborns
Author: Zalen Wrath (kabuto_the_fireboy@hotmail.fr) 
VISIT http://lcj-resurection.webrpg.info

File Name: Ultimate C. reborn.pk3
File Size: 2474 Ko
Date Release: 29/04/07

Installation: To install this skin/mod, simply put the .pk3 file into your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base folder. To uninstall, just delete it.

Description: I wanted make a &quot;UC Reborns Army&quot; (lol) But I stoped to 3 skins... It isn't good... I know :p The after maybe coming soon?...

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