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Ick. Tell me, how does making a model a solid color with a white face on it justify a skin? I don't think it does. And yet, that's what this...


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Ick. Tell me, how does making a model a solid color with a white face on it justify a skin? I don't think it does. And yet, that's what this is. A model that's been blacked out and had a white face ans spider added onto it. And what's more, it's supposed to be Venom. But the thing is, he has no resemblance to Venom. First off, the model is the Hazardtrooper. Nothing big there, except the fact that it's a huge, bulky model. Venom from spiderman wasn't blocky. He was muscular, not block-like. Second, there's the extremely simple skinning job. The texture editing must've taken about five minutes. I fail to see how this looks like venom.

The author put in custom taunts, and that's it. I love a skin with new sounds, but not when it's only two sounds. It's annoying to have new taunts but to be left with default kyle sounds. Next time, more new sounds.

First off, you should've tried a different model. Secondly, you should've taken more than five minutes reskinning this.

Team skins are included, except that they're the same as the default skin, only with red and blue as the base colors.

Bot Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Title : Ultimate Venom		
Author : General Myke
E-Mail : generalmyke@gmail.com
File Name : ultimate_venom.pk3
DateReleased: May 4 2006


Well I'm a Spider-Man fan and my favorite villain is Venom. After
doing a small search on Spider-Man themed skins I found that all of the Venom 
ones didn't portray him well enough, so I chose a bulky model and started working.
Now this is my first skin so don't be extremely hard.

Installation instructions: Extract the pk3 file to

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

or simply your base folder if you already know all that stuff.

Bugs: I know almost nothing about all the little things about making a skin so
there are no shaders, meaning that it is easily affected by lighting.

Only other bug I know of is the fact that he has two taunts, but will only often do one, which 
is a bit annoying.

If you find any bugs please emil me. (generalmyke@gmail.com)

Comments: If you know how to cell-shade please email me at (generalmyke@gmail.com)
on how to do that, it'd be very appreciated. A tutorial for making a brand new model
would also be very, very appreciated. I may make a guy with a cape in the future, that's why.

I'm not all that happy with the face, so I may update it later. Now this is 
my first skin so don't be extremely hard.

Also, I used paint (I don't have photoshop but I'll get it) and everytime I 
saved and exited the program it would kinda blur the thing up, so don't expect every
little part of him to be perfect.

Please enjoy, and direct all comments (if any) to my mentioned email. If you email me a with 
a big fugging flame... what is it you will have accomplished? Just don't because I couldn't
care less.

Credits: All credit for the model pl_hazardtrooper and the making of the it goes to LightNinja.
Only other credit to give is to the voice actor who played Venom in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon.

companies don't care.

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