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This mod would have been up sooner, but I had to make sure BobaFett was ok with people using his UU symbol in a mod. Fortunately, the author...


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This mod would have been up sooner, but I had to make sure BobaFett was ok with people using his UU symbol in a mod. Fortunately, the author was wise, and actually asked him for permission before submitting this. :D

I will admit, this is a first: A mod based off of the Boba's UU. There are many sides to this mod, so I'll break it down into a list.

Loading Screens The MP loading screen and the startup screen now feature the words "Ultra Utility", the UU symbol, or both, and have a rather strange background. It looks like cyan lights shining all over the place to me, maybe someone else can give it a proper name. The loading bar now features two UU symbols at either end, with "UU" in the center.

Hud The hud is on a similar line as the loading screens, warped cyan lights, the UU symbol, and the words "Ultra Utility". The armor meter is now white, with the force mana meter green.

In-game Menu The menu parts are now a darkish teal color, with a few bars turned purple. There aren't any other differences here, so I'll move on.

Console The console now features faint text in the center, scrolling down (text moving upwards), and reading "Ultra Utility". The UU symbol now replaces the stars, and does something very interesting. It warps around as if it was being seen in a mirror that was bending this way and that. Oh, and the whole thing is see-through.

Cursor The cursor is now teal, and does something I wasn't expecting when I first looked at this mod. The main cursor is normal, while a second cursor rotates around a point behind the main cursor, resulting in a very cool effect.

Chat Icon The chat icon is now the UU symbol. Simple and nice.

Main Menu Now this is a menu to be proud of. Following a similar theme, the background is now very fancy, warped cyan lights. In the center, the UU symbol expands and shrinks, while becoming brighter and darker at the same time. At the top, We now see "BobaFett's Ultra Utility". The buttons are the most interesting part: They've all been shifted to the left side, and positioned in a column. Very nice indeed.

There are a few UU symbols and whatnot scattered about here and there, but that's it.

In all, a mod with clear signs of effort put into it. But there is still work to be done, as the author said.

And now, for some advice: Make two versions, one with all the UU references in it, and one without. That way, people have the option to use the awesome artistic sides of this mod without having to be bombarded with UU references.


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Download 'ultra_utility_reskin.zip' (11.17MB)

This version for Ideas, Suggestions and Reviewing. Final version to be released after complete fixes have been made and any changes that are appropriate have been made.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ultra Utility Game Reskin (BETA)
WEBSITE: http://www.st3v3.com

FILENAME: "zzz - Ultra Utility Reskin.pk3"

CREDITS: BobaFett for Ultra Utility, the best JKA Utility/Kill tracker ^_^

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract the "zzz - Ultra Utility Reskin.pk3" file from the .zip file into GameData/Base or GameData/(modname) >.>

DESCRIPTION: A Reskin of JKA in the theme of Ultra Utility.
-Startup Splash Screen
-Main Menu
-Changed "Multiplayer" text to "Ultra Utility Modification" on main menu ^_^
-All Sub Menus
-Menu items (Scrollbars, Buttons, Static Shaders etc etc)
-Connection Screen
-Load bar
-Chat icon
-im guessing theres more that i did.. >.>

BUGS: None known ^_^
please contact me asap if you find any though, want this to be "bugless" :P

COMMENTS: ... well i hope your the one giving me comments ;)


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