Raise your hand if you remember Urutoraman! No, I don't mean just heard of it ... I mean remember it. C'mon, we've got to have at least a...


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Raise your hand if you remember Urutoraman! No, I don't mean just heard of it ... I mean remember it. C'mon, we've got to have at least a few old men out there. ;) Urutoraman is apparently a japanese TV show from 1966. Twelve years before I was born! WOO! I'm NOT old! Okay, anyway, this skin is of the character Ultraman. It definitely has that 60's mod look goin' on. I took a quick look at some images of Ultraman and compared 'em to the screenshots of this skin. It's a simple look and probably somewhat easy to replicate. But yeah, I'd say it's pretty accurate. Of course, without a new model, you're not going to get everything just right. Considering the limitations of the model used, this is a damn good job.

Thankfully the author gave us team skins too! They're not much different from the default skin, but they're there. Bot support was also included. Oh, and new sounds! No idea what they're from, but it sounds like they'd be coming from this little guy. ;) Good job here!

Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download 'ultraman.zip' (420KB)

Jedi Academy Skin
Creator: Ultraman
Email: gigan@gmx.net or polpot@gmx.net

Bot Support: Yes
Team Colors: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
Instalation: extract the pk3 to your game data/base folder.

Skin based upon the Ultraman from the japanese TV show Urutoraman: Koso tokusatsu shirizu from 1966.

Plot Summary:

The series begins when the heroic alien Urutoraman pursues an alien menace to Earth. In the pursuit, he collides with Hiyata, an officer of the Science Patrol who is investigating the chase. To make amends for the accident, the alien gives his life force to the human along with his regular form and powers should he ever need it. Thus Hiyata is returned to Earth alive and merged with the alien. This linking proves to be a most fortuitous event as the monster being pursued is but the first of a wave of destructive monsters and aliens that attack the planet. Hiyata investigates sightings of these beasts as part of the Patrol who fights these threats with the advanced weapons at their disposal. However, the monsters often prove too strong for the Earth forces to stop. When that happens, Hiyata uses a beta capsule given to him by the alien. When he activates it, he transforms into the giant superhero, Urutoraman, who has the power necessary to protect Earth.


Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (c) 2003 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.
Star Wars(c) 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or (r) as indicated. trademark of 
The Quake III Arena(R) is the registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

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