This is the kind of map I know a lot of you love. It's not very pretty aesthetically, mostly because it has completely global lighting (ick...


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This is the kind of map I know a lot of you love. It's not very pretty aesthetically, mostly because it has completely global lighting (ick) but it's got a lot of areas to explore, including a lot of hidden ones. I'm sure I didn't even find them all, and I was using noclip!

To begin the main section of this map, where you spawn, seems to be a school. I know there's a spanish classroom - check the screenshots for that one. It's actually quite amusing. Off of the class area there is a commons area with bright blue carpet, amazing floaty tables, and a wide-screen TV. This is the point where you run out of places to go (other than the bathroom) if you don't search a little bit. There's a broom closet off of the commons area. If you search a little bit you'll find a door that leads to a sports bar where you can find an endless hall of liquor. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? That's the only detail I'm giving you, as I really can't remember how I got to the rest of the rooms... :p

Also included are what seems like a bar/grill and dueling arena (more like a boxing ring - you can even bring up some glass-like walls to keep you and your opponent in the ring). This area includes a stereo, which is my favorite bit of the map, because if you use it it'll change the map music, which is a light Star Wars theme, to the Final Fanasy X battle music, which I like much better ;). There are a lot of interactive gizmos in this map other than that which kind of make up for the bright ugliness of it. I must say usually realistic lighting goes a long way toward making a map prettier, so maybe work on that a bit for next time! Also maybe add some door sounds... completely silent doors are kind of creepy.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Download 'unionmatty.zip' (48.71MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: UnionMatty
AUTHOR(s)**: XTrikstaX, Toxic (Both are Leaders of the Jawa Squad clan)
E-MAIL**: [email protected], OR email Matty at: [email protected]
WEBSITE: None.. I use www.Filefront.com to upload my files tho

FILENAME: UnionMatty.pk3 
FILESIZE: 49,185 KB's 
DATE RELEASED: March 11, 2006 

CREDITS**: I give credit to the people who built Sithcouncil v1 and v2, RPG_Pyramid, and jedicouncilgcx, and Ofcourse.. Raven for building such an excellent game. 
            (I give credit to these people because i used textures from their maps)
             I also give Matty credit for helping add an awsome secret to this map... Its cooler than you think!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: After download... copy or cut the UnionMatty.pk3 file and place it into your lucasarts/gamedata/base folder, and the map will work!

DESCRIPTION**: This is a map of the Student Union at my school... It's like a school building but a little smaller... It has MANY SECRETS.. So If you want to find them (which i suggest that you do) just press your 'Use' key everywhere... your bound to find something...

BUGS: Please e-amail me if you find something way outta line. Something really messed up looking... please tell me so i can fix it!

COMMENTS: Yes... This map is a big file...  but its worthit! If you like secrets... This is the map to DOwnload! Umm... Unless you just feel like walking around a boring school building, I encourage you to give this map a chance before saying.. I GIVE UP I CANT FIND THE SECRETS... they're easier than you think.. just look for them!... *HINT* ONE SECRET IS IN THE CLOSET IN THE ROOM WITH THE POOLE TABLE! 

WHAT ELSE?: Umm... This map is my first map.. so please.. give it a chance.... It took me a week to learn Gtk. Radient and about 6 weeks to finish building it... Thanks for all of you who DL this map!
            If you want to learn the secrets of this Map... My server is always up on the weekends... It will always be on the BOTTOM of the server list.. the hostname is "~*JS*FunServer".. Its in White, red and Black letters       


All you need is the UnionMatty.pk3 to play

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