Universal Training

Gah. So many things about this map that I like and a few things I can't stand. I hate it when that happens. So let's just talk about the m...


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Gah. So many things about this map that I like and a few things I can't stand. I hate it when that happens. So let's just talk about the map itself first. It's a beautiful map, set outdoors with a large bridge set over a lovely river. The water looks great, but it doesn't act like water. When you step into it, it's more like stepping into fog, or nothing at all. No splashing. :( But the animation looks wonderful and the sounds of the water rushing by are great. Most of the weapons available can be retrieved on the bridge. And then off in the distance are two dueling arenas. They're not enclosed, but they are surrounded by pillars that give it a fenced off feel to it. It's kind of a small map for FFA, but with the two seperate dueling areas, one large and one small, the bridge and the other areas around ... it just might work for my server. :D

My issues with this map have more to do with the skybox, music and ambient sounds. Okay, so the map is set outdoors at night, but the ambient sounds you hear (birds chirping and whatnot) just have a daytime feel to 'em, y'know? Then there's the music. It just doesn't fit with the theme of the map. I expected something more calm, serene, soft rather than what Sith-J-Cull included. Not that it makes much of a difference to me, anyway. The only music I listen to on a map is the TMBJ clan map. :P Oh, I also didn't like the lights added around the dueling arenas. They just seemed too ... I dunno ... industrial, maybe ... for an outdoor area like this. Good news! There is bot support and this map also supports the duel game type. Overall, I really like this map and the FPS was good (oh yeah, I kinda upgraded ... so I'm not sure I'll be saying that a map has bad FPS anymore ... YAY!). So, good job, James. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel


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Download 'universal_training.zip' (5.29MB)


Map Name                : <Universal training>
Author                  : <Sith-J-Cull>
Email Address           : <jamestculley@hotmail.com>
Website URL             : <http://sithjcull.mysite.freeserve.com>

Map description         : <Universal Clan trial map, Duel FFA>

This map is a functional map set in paradise type gardens there is one large arena and one small arena
with spectator tower pads around both.

Additional Credits to   : <George Lucas, All the team behind JKA >

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : <NO>
New Skins               : <NO>
New Objects             : <NO>
New music               : <YES>
New Textures		: <YES>

BUGS - There are a few places where the clipping keeps you away from small areas of the map -but thats for functionality.

* How to use this map *

<extract into base folder, load with ingame menu>


I will release an updated version soon which will add further parts to the track - and some detail to the spectator rooms etc.


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