Unreal JKA Interface Reskin

Here we have a new mod brought to us by Wolf which changes the look and feel of our very familiar JKA menu interface and HUD, giving it an U...


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File Description

Here we have a new mod brought to us by Wolf which changes the look and feel of our very familiar JKA menu interface and HUD, giving it an Unreal Tournament type theme (judging from the symbols). This is also connected it to a Lugormod clan called Unreal.

As soon as you start up the game you notice the differences, the splash screen right after the game starts to load has been changed, and so has the main menu. The main menu now looks very simple and clean, and is in a nice shade of red. Personally I think it looks great, although the Unreal symbol that keeps quickly moving across the center part of the menu does get a little annoying because it goes so fast! The menu also slowly fades to darker and then lighter shades, which I felt was a nice touch.

The console background has also been changed, so it now features the Unreal logo and similarly the HUD has been changed to feature this logo too, all in that great shade of red. One small thing that I particularly liked though was the chat icon that appears above your characters head when you are typing. It now has two sabers crossed and says in big letters ‘stop’. Now if only the developers of JKA had put something like that in the game to start with, perhaps we wouldn’t have so many of those very annoying chat kills!

Another little think that I noticed which I thought was a cool feature was the cursor, which now has a mostly transparent version of the cursor graphic rotating around the actual cursor. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but once you get ingame you will see what I mean. I just thought that was a cool idea because it adds that bit extra movement to the menu screens. Little details like that can make all the difference when you add them up! :)

Lastly we also have some new menu music, Linkin Park’s One Step Closer. Now this isn’t exactly the kind of music I like, its rather too heavy for me, but it does fit well with the theme of the mod.

Now, things to be improved upon. Mainly I would say that the parts of the menu you see when you co into the controls options, and the graphics options screens, y’know the blue boxes? Well they’re still blue, which doesn’t look quite right since they really should be red (by that I mean the ones in the main menu screen, not the ones you see when your playing). Also that Unreal logo that moves around very fast in the center of the main menu screen gets a bit annoying after a bit... it just moves too fast!

All in all though a well made mod here. If you are a fan of the Unreal games, or are on the Unreal Lugormod clan that this mod is for you! :)


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Unreal Lugormod Clan ReSkin
E-MAIL: steve_is_kool@msn.com
WEBSITE: http://www.st3v3.com (kinda put no effort into it, don't bother visiting)

FILENAME: Clan_Unreal_Interface.pk3

CREDITS: Rippz for his Uber pro Chat Icon ^_^ - all the rest I did myself

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract the .pk3 file from the .zip file into GameData/Base >.>

DESCRIPTION**: Menu, Hud, Console, Splash Screen(s) and a few Shades of other things.

BUGS: None known, if any are found, please notify me ^_^

COMMENTS: *attempts*
its a great game reskin... download now!


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