Unreal UI - V3

36unreal_uiv3.zip —


anything about the source material, I can see that this is a very slick and well made mod. There is plenty of movement in the menus and such, this is immediately obvious when the main menu screen loads, and a giant 'U' symbol tries to leap out of the screen to kill you with its sharp stabby edges. :P They certainly arent static, thats for sure, the ingame menus pulse slowly and even the cursor moves gently from side to side. The HUD is neatly rolled into just one package on the left side of the screen, which contains everything you need to know. Once again the graphics and presentation here are very slick!This also happens to have been made for a clan who's logo is also the Unreal logo, however since that is the case this is perfectly suitable for anyone who might be a fan of the Unreal Tournament games!Overall I think this is a great piece of work, although my main complaint is that giant 'U' on the main menu, the way it zooms in and out and moves around is a bit hypnotic and it was uncomfortable to look at after a little while, I would suggest maybe lessening the amount of movement it does, but that's just me.Keep up the excellent work!~Nozyspy~


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