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The idea of having bright white logos on stealth units has always baffled me. Like SWAT units, decked out from head to toe in black... then...


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The idea of having bright white logos on stealth units has always baffled me. Like SWAT units, decked out from head to toe in black... then having, in big white letters, POLICE written across the front. Seriously, why? Anyway, I did have a point with all of this. These two skins, a camouflaged snowtrooper and a stealthy black stormtrooper, are meant to be stealthy units... yet they have nice white Imperial logos on them in various places. But, seeing as how real people are equally as silly, I'll give this author a break! :p

Anyway, so I already said there was a camo snowtrooper and a black stormtrooper. I've seen a lot of bad colorings of stormtroopers; usually people simply don't know how to handle white armor. These, however, are not bad at all. I'm not into stormtroopers (especially different color ones) but there's always a marked difference between the things I like, and the things I think are of good quality, and I'm always objective about the difference. These skins are good for what they are. They're simple, but they don't lose much detail in their darkened state, which is nice (and unusual). Even on my not-so-bright laptop screen I could see all the original detail in the armor.

For those who like the complete package, NPC and bot support have both been included. A very nice bonus! While I wouldn't want to use one of these skins myself, it could be a lot of fun on a Yavin-themed map to have some stealthy stormies running around. I an forgive the white logo, since the Empire was stupid enough to put white stormtroopers on Endor. So one white logo is a vast improvement! These could be fun for themed fights, so definitely give them a download if you like playing on foresty/jungle maps. I think they'd really enhance gameplay for those types of areas.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'stealth_squad.zip' (1.37MB)

Title: Unsung's Stealth Squad
Author:Unsung Hero

Filesize:1.37 MB

Installation: put contents of stealth_squad.zip into the following location :Local Disk/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base

Description: These are some skins I decided to make when I got bored, as in 10:00 P.M and nothing to do bored. I started with extracting the
stormtrooper folder and starting skinning. I was looking towards something dark and stealthy themed, so I decided to make it black. When I 
finished making everything just a black stormtrooper, I went back and added some things as well as made it look less like just a black storm-
trooper. After I was done, I decided to call it the shadow_stormtrooper and change all the names of the folder inside the .skin file (man I
hate doing that =_,=). I the started working on a snow trooper reskin, which I entitled camotrooper1 (1 because I believe that camotrooper
would be too common a name for someone not to make yet). Its basically what the name says, a camo trooper. And if your thinking its a snow
trooper with a camo pattern on it, guess again -.- . I decided to make but support and npc support after that, and then sent it to a friend
of mine (Tyler.). The first comment he said: Its dark, I cant see any detail -.- So I went back and lightened it up (not to much, wouldnt 
want a stealthy person wearing bright cloths) and it looked tons better. Wait, this is supposed to be a discription of the skin... Good thing
no one actually reads the read me! Anywho, even if they do they will see a description of the skin in the making of o.o I'm going to stop 
rambling now, perhaps someone might actually read this....Do Filefront staff have to read this? I hope not....

Bugs: A model problem with the stormtrooper, where you can sometimes see through his left shoulder, but not much. But of course, you wont be
able to see that with the officer version, since he has the should pad on.

Comments: The npc's can be spawned with the command /npc spawn shadowtrooper; /npc spawn shadowtrooper_officer; /npc spawn camotrooper.

Special THANKS to: Tyler. (aka JediMasterTyler14456) for giving me a suggestion that made it tons better, he needs a lot of special thanks.
He also came up with the title.


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