Uprising III

I always open the PK3 first so I can get an idea of what to look out for in-game and guess what the first thing I saw in here was? New vehic...


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I always open the PK3 first so I can get an idea of what to look out for in-game and guess what the first thing I saw in here was? New vehicles...this is a major no no folks! Due to the annoying very low vehicle limit in JA adding vehicles into your map PK3 files is a bad idea. Your map will most likely be the first to go if someone hits the vehicle limit! Always place the vehicles in their own PK3 so just those can be removed and added back later.

Anyway, the map, first thing that caught my eye, the levelshot, very nicely done! The main area of this map is great for large open FFA's and you could always get a duel going in here, the FPS is respectable and the ambience isn't too bad; the lighting is a bit basic but it shows off the atmosphere enough, dark, gloomy and colored. I don't get the big black building though....way too dark.

As you run around you'll come across strange colored things, when I ran into these I ended up in a small room with a glass door...I'm guessing this is a torture thingy where if you trap someone in there you can kill them. There also seems to be a strange black thing in a carpetted room that put me into glass just above it...no idea what this was for...Speaking of torture, it is quite amusing, people get trapped in then you press a button on the floor et voila, they get killed in one of many ways!

One area I particularly liked was the very simple reflective walls area, it was so simple but elegant, that's my kind of mapping taste. Beautifully simple using shaders to add the feel of the place.

There is certainly a lot to explore in this map, and you'll have fun doing it. Nowhere is hard to get to, the torture room is easy as pi to find (that's 3.14159 btw, no food please!). It's a good fun FFA map I'm sure you'll enjoy messing around on!

New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes


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Download 'u3.zip' (2.88MB)

Map Name                : Uprising III
Author                  : El Cuko
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : 
Map description         : Large multilevel skyscraper surrounded by various buildings.

changes made in 3.1:

- Full lighting added
- Many Models Added
- Greater attention to detail
- Elevators Improved
- New Textures/Shaders added
- Health and shields more strategically placed
- FPS Improved 
(The original map was unnecessarily large- many mountains removed)
- More Balconies/catwalks added
- Traps more strategically placed
- Annoying NPCs removed
- Bot routes reworked
- Jet pack added (Bots will use)
- Swoop bike more strategically located
- Several other minor fixes

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               : Yes
New Objects             : NO

* Construction 
Brush Count             : 1821 Brushes
Entity Count            : 326 Entities

Software used           : Radiant
Known Bugs              : Simple universal lighting

* How to use this map *
Unzip the pk3 and install into your gamedata/base directory. 

* Copyright / Permissions *


I included the map file.  All rights are released.  Do what you'd like with it and release it as your own.

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