Usurped Academy

Well here we have another map created by Falgard. It was not so long ago that I reviewed a Duel map of his:


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Well here we have another map created by Falgard. It was not so long ago that I reviewed a Duel map of his:;50728.

If you look near the end of the review I mention that;

Falgard tells me that he is working on an FFA version of this map, and so far it looks pretty good, so I will look forward to playing that map!

Well, here is that FFA map!

Now, the first thing that I must say I really like about this map is the concept. Afterall we have all seen Sith Academies and Jedi Academies. But have you ever seen a Sith Academy built ONTOP of a Jedi Sanctuary! I find that idea very clever and unique ;)

Now, lets start off with the Sith Academy part of the map. This level pretty much follows the typical style and layout of a Sith Academy. As with all academies there are plenty of duel rooms, meeting rooms, and a bot training room where you can spawn various bots for saber training using one of the four buttons. And as with any good Sith Academy, there’s lots of stone and deep red lighting. However the red lighting in this map comes from big red strip-lights, instead of the normal fire stands that seem to provide the lighting for other Sith Academies. Personally I find this way of lighting more easy on the eye (although the red is perhaps a little too bright) – there’s not lots of moving flames to distract you (or burn you!) when your dueling. It also frees up more floor space because there aren’t loads of fire stands cluttering it up!

I also think that the combination for the red strip-light texture and the stone wall texture used is a nice mix. The architecture of the map – the shape and placement of pillars and light textures and other decoration – is also pleasing to the eye.

Things that could be improved upon on the Sith Academy Level:

Hmmm I don’t know really. Overall it is well done, clean and simple. I don’t think there were any bugs really. The problem with the circular lights in the square holes on the ceiling that I mentioned in my review of the duel version of this map has been pretty much fixed. Perhaps the only thing that bugged me a bit, was that in one duel room, the lava used was bright and glowy and it moved. If you look in the corridors there are a few stands filled with lava, with some Sith statues on top. However the lava in there is not the same as the lava in the duel room – its really dark and doesn’t move. I suppose its just a different shader that was used.

However it doesn’t look too bad, its not something that caught my eye straight away :)

Now onto the underlevel; the Jedi Sanctuary.

Like I said the idea of having a Sith Academy built ontop of an ancient Jedi Sanctuary is quite unique and pretty cool. The way you actually get down into the Jedi level is pretty cool too.

As you explore the Sith level, you will come across a crack in the wall, go through this and then jump down the shaft and you will find yourself at the entrance of the Jedi Sanctuary level. Its easier to go down the shaft than get back up I can tell you! The way the big pipes in the shaft are positioned so you can jump back up is cool though :)

Just like the Sith level, the Jedi level also has an Academy layout, although it is quite a bit smaller than the Sith level. There is a council type room and what appears to be a Jedi library, and a cool little room which appears to be a teaching or meditation room, with some grass and trees in it! The first thing you see however when you come through the entrance is some Jedi catacombs. Which I think is an interesting feature for a map!

As far as architecture goes, it is very nice, and it is in keeping with the setting. The lighting is also nice. A soft cold blue, just like the Rift MP and SP maps. The use of the circular light decals and the white flares looks very good. It adds some nice detailing to the map and looks great!

Oh and watch out for the miniature garden (with miniature trees) inside a glass case in the Jedi level, I noticed that as soon as I walked in the room, as its something quite unusual and cool ;)

Things that could be improved upon in the Jedi Sanctuary level; well, as with the Sith level above it, not much really. It is well made, well lighted and textured, and very few bugs. Some of the things I could think of that could be improved upon would be maybe adding a bit more detail to some of the rooms as one or two are a bit simple (that’s not really a bad thing though when your dueling!). Also because you have to press the use button on the doors to open them, it would be good if you could put a delay on the doors so they don’t quickly open and close if you hold the use key down too long.

All in all though a good map here! This should suit a wide range of uses, whether you are in a clan or just like exploring :)

I look forward to seeing what this author brings out in the future :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download '' (3.6MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: 		Usurped Academy 
AUTHOR:		Falgard
E-MAIL:		[email protected]

FILE NAME:			usurped_acad.pk3
FILESIZE:			3708kb
DATE RELEASED:		28 Nov. 05

CREDITS: I would like to give the credit to the guys at Raven as all map textures used are those from the original game. Also to Nozyspy for the lava shader that he kindly donated me.

Just put the pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory

A Sith Academy built on top of a previously undiscovered Jedi Sanctuary. This map contains duel rooms, a holo target range, a bot room all set in a Sith Academy. A library, catacombe, meditaion room and council chamber are all found below in a Jedi Sanctuary.

Bot Support: 		No
New Music:		No
New Sounds: 		No
New Textures:		No

This is the expansion to my previous Academy Duel.


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