Why on Earth do people insist on using this stupid symbol junk in names? Do you think it makes you look cool? Well, that's wrong[/...


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Why on Earth do people insist on using this stupid symbol junk in names? Do you think it makes you look cool? Well, that's wrong - it makes you look like someone incapable of speaking your primary language, just like any other form of l33tspeek.

Right, ranting over, let's look at the skin.

It's a Trandoshan. It's had a black screen filter slapped over it. With a red filter slapped over certain parts. That's all there is to it. I'm not joking.

But, as far as recolors go, it doesn't actually look as half-assed as it sounds. The colors aren't so bright that they make an episode of Sonic X look desaturated, they actually blend quite well together, and the theme matches up nicely. The best part is, there's no clan stuff slapped all over it, so you could easily use it for a generic Trandoshan outfit.

Kudos to the author, because although this is just a simple recolor, the author hasn't gotten carried away, and has gone for something simple and effective that doesn't look like something from the circus or a kid's coloring book. As far as clan skins go, this one is quite usable. :thumbsup:

~ Kouen

(By the way, don't blame me that the filename changed to 've.zip' - as you may well know, computers don't speak gobbledy-gook, so it removed everything that wasn't an alphanumeric character. Needless to say, only the V and E, and the file extension were left intact.)

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2.07 MB

January 26th, 2007

This is my clan skin that I skinned up.
The Story of this SITH trained trandoshan is vague. Only what is rumored can be told. Some say he is the decendent of the once known Krussk. In attempt to avenge the death of his elder. He fell to far deep into the ways of the DARKSIDE and lost sight of all that was once his goal. Except for Death.



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