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Well. This skin pack is supposed to be based around the movie "V for Vendetta". Let's just say that it's not what I expected. Well, let\...


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File Description

Well. This skin pack is supposed to be based around the movie "V for Vendetta". Let's just say that it's not what I expected. Well, let's just look at the skins one by one.

Okay, the V skin is a reskin of Hapslash's Count Dooku. The first thing that I noticed was the face. Yes, V's mask is on it, but it's just pasted on, and doesn't cover the entire face. So basically it looks like the character is only using three fourths of his mask. yes, the mask fits his face, but it still doesn't look too good. And then there was the fact that V had a hat. But he doesn't in this, but that's a model issue. Another thing, the ears. They're white on the back. That's just weird. Okay, other than that, this skin is almost totally black, with the exception of a few areas. Knives have been skinned on, but I had to look at them for a while before I realized that they were knives.

And the next skin is Evey. I believe that it's a reskin of the bride model. The pants and shirt are skinned nicely, but the big thing is the head. The hair doesn't look realistic. It just looks like a brown and black mass on someone's head. The hair doesn't even seem to flow in the proper directions. Okay, moving away from the hair. The face itself doesn't look too good, It seems like the author reskinned one area and left the other areas just the same. It's all just bad transitioning.

And now for the third and final skin. Let's just say that things on this don't match, and the texturing is sub-par compared to the other two skins. I don't want to go over the entire skin, so I'll go over on how to improve it. First off, don't use a gradient when you're going to skin flesh. And please, rearrange things so that they don't stretch when moving from one part of a skin to another. And if you're going to make a bald head, fine, but at least make the textures of the scalp and other head textures match so the skin doesn't look like a jigsaw puzzle. I would have to say that this skin isn't as good as the others.

Bot Support: Yes for all Npc Support: No for all New Sounds: Only for V Team support: Yes for all


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: V for Vendetta Skins (V and Evey)
AUTHOR: Saschi
E-MAIL: saschi80@aol.com

FILENAME: V.pk3, Evey.pk3, Evey_bald.pk3
FILESIZE: 2.64 MB, 3.87 MB, 4.42 MB
DATE RELEASED: 23 May 2006

CREDITS: goes to Hapslash for the great Count Dooku model and to DAK, a.k.a Antizac for the Leela model and Kurtis 'KMan' Smith 
         for the wonderfull The_Bride model, thank you for letting me play with it. Also for Alan Moore for the Graphic Novel and 
         the Wachowski Brothers and McTeigue for the wonderfull movie. The textures are the partly the originals with only minor 
         changes and partly new (the knives, the mask, Eveys face and prison dress..etc)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: put the .pk3 you want to use inside your base folder and there ya go, to uninstall just delete it.

DESCRIPTION: This is a modelpack for fans of "V for Vendetta". There are tree models by now: a reskin of the Hapslash Count Dooku
             skin, I figured that this would be the best Model out there for the recreation of V from "V for Vendetta". 
             (Well that is, until someone who can model make an real V model)
             It has bot support and a few new sounds (from the movie), also new chat greetings (from the Novel) Bot support 
             and Team Colors.
             The 2. Pk3 is a reskin of Kurtis 'KMan' Smith model glm-the_bride. I couldnt think of fitting things Evey would say, 
             so I didn`t add someting here. The name of the Evey Bot is, well: "Evey" ;-P. There are TeamColors I let the bloody 
             skin in the file because I thought it is really cool, altogeter not something from the movie.
             The 3.one is a reskin of the really mod freindly Leela model. Here we have Evey with shaven head! and matching red 
             Teamskin (prision dress). Comes with Teamskins and Bot support.

BUGS: Hope none

COMMENTS: I made this skins for my own use and used these a while now (V as Kyle in SP, because Kyle a bit boring and as  
          a girl, its just so much fun to be saved by V <drool>). I also use this for MP with the knife saber model 
          (from Jk2files) that is soo fitting. And because V told me he misses Evey, I made a Evey skin, that I use as SP playermodel.
          The bald Evey skin, is because there aren`t any bald girls in the game. Could be fun to play as one.
          These are the first skins I release so please be gentle! I know that the bald version has funny legs and that the Team colors 
          are a bit rushed, but I wanted to release the now, because in the next time I won`t have time to work on the skins.

ETXTRA COMMENTS: The extra pictures in the file are just for fun and is for someone (anyone?) going to make a &quot;V for Vendetta&quot; map, I 
                 made them from scratch. Feel free to use them (just mention me in the readme). The fertilizer are the Bombs used in the 
                 movie (the ones seen in the train).


&quot;Sure! You have my permission to use her. Just make sure that you mention me in the credits for it. 
Also, let me know when you get it done, I'd like to see it too! 
-- Kurtis Smith 
Character Artist - Warhammer Online 
Mythic Entertainment &quot;

Leela Readme: ”If anyone wishes to create a re-skin of this model, feel free to do so - but you MUST CONTACT ME, BEFORE you SUBMIT it ANYWHERE.”
Contact: Yes
Permission: yes
Email saved: sadly: no


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